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You are. I'm Robin young. I'm Jeremy Hobson it's here. And now so what? Now, President Trump is meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill after hammering his case last night that he will not agree to reopen. The government without a border wall. Senator Jon tester democrat of Montana joins us. Now. Senator welcome thanks for having me, Jeremy. So the president made his case for the wall. The Democrats made their case against it. Not a whole lot new from either side where does this go now? Well, well, first of all, I just want to say something about the president's speech. And that is if you had been paying attention to what's been going on you wouldn't have known. This was about the wall by the president's remarks. I mean, he talked about everything for the first three quarters of that speech except the wall. And I think that's significant because the wall is the biggest increase amounts even wants five point seven billion dollars. He originally requested one point six, and by the way, the appropriations committee in the Senate agreed to that one point six billion. But that aside, I think where we go from here is hopefully, we can reopen the government while we negotiate on something that makes sense for border security for the southern border the challenges with a wall are obvious in that the threats tend to change, and I think we need some analysis done on what the best way is to move forward. I think what we're dealing with right here. Jerem is as a campaign promise that now the president feels like he has to build whether it's the best for security for this country or not. Well, what do you think about a wall? The house speaker Nancy Pelosi has called it immoral. Do you think that there's just something inherently wrong with any funding for any kind of wall? Or would you be okay with some? Well, look, I think there's over six hundred miles a wall on the border right now. And I think there are some places where a wall does make sense. I will tell you unequivocally a wall from seat assigning see is not the right direction to go a wall that we spend twenty four to thirty two million dollars per mile. I think we can do much cheaper with technology and manpower and make the southern border much safer. I think we consider all the possibilities. That are out there to make sure that our borders are secure. I think we address issues like the visa Overstreet, which is why we have so many undocumented folks in this country to begin with and talk about common sense ideas to secure the border in make sure that that border remains secure your state of Montana went for President Trump by twenty percentage points in two thousand. Sixteen. What do you tell people there? I'm sure that you have a lot of constituents maybe even people who voted for you and him who want the wall. Well, I think one thing that Montana's all agree on whether you're Republican or democrat is they want money spent appropriately. And I think that's the challenge. Here. We have not been given any analysis on what the best thing to do for security for the southern border. And and I think that most Montana's would say, you know, what a wall, she see the signing. See is not something that can work and work affectively. And and I really believe that Montana or some that want to build a wall. And there's no doubt about it. But there are a vast majority that think that we can do better by using other options that are much more cost effective. We've seen some stories about some cracks forming in the Republican party in the Senate that some Republicans are coming over to the democrat side. It's let's open at least most of the government while we figure this out. Do you see that yourself? Well, I think it's. Government shutdown is ridiculous. And I think the the thinking Republicans out there saying, this is truly ridiculous. Let's open the government. What we've created here. Jeremy truthfully with with this government shutdown is I think we've allowed the bad guys to look at us from a different standpoint customs and border protection TSA, they're all working without pay. That is not a good for our national security overall. I think there's a lot of Republicans that are saying enough is enough. Let's open the government, and and then listen to go. She about the right direction to go to make sure that the borders are truly secure, do you think the government will be reopened by the time?.

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