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Latest Jersey news. The fast traffic, which is on the way momentarily instant weekend weather as well. Download it. Now it's free. The New Jersey one a 1.5 Happened. Here's New Jersey fast traffic. Stolen. The Garden State Parkway has been cleared away. So you're good North bound, approaching exit, 1, 27 and 36, looking better to north bound of Broadway and West Long branch overturned vehicle there has been cleared away 53 Morris Plains that remains closed between Britain and Little Tin Road because of an accident investigation. Of the G W Bridge. 5 to 10 Minute delays Lincoln Tunnel the same scene at the Holland Tunnel where emergency maintenance has been cleared away in North Jersey coastline. Trains still subject to delays up to 40 Minutes of both directions have cut some truck maintenance, since, um signal issues. No problem, said the Delaware River crossings. This report is sponsored by N. J. M Insurance Group and GM Insurance has been ranked number one in the nation and customer satisfaction with the auto insurance claims experience, according to J d power visit. N. J m dot com For your free quote today and j m dot com traffic every 15 minutes. Next report for 18. I'm sure Chris spent on New Jersey What 1.5 old Jersey All the time. You were such a breath of fresh air, New Jersey one at 1.5 me, me. Me, me, me, but also you the pharaoh fast forwards his favorite foreign film, but the powdered doughnut. Okay, What's my line? Three Only line I see here on the script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool from progressive. Man. That's a tongue twister, huh?.

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