Daniel Gifford, James Johnson, Kyle Lowry discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show


Maximize your window here with embiid like embiid's career end any moment. Like any time he falls over. That could be it. That could be the window. So if you have an opportunity to get someone like kyle lowry who is a true difference maker. And i i don't know what assets are like so coveted on their roster that they weren't willing to give up. I like a lot of their young players for share like overdoing maxi tai-bo those guys get overrated by the intelligentsia. Like there was there was probably a deal to be had there. The only tricky part for them was a salary side. Right because larry's making a lot so you got to put together a bunch of different pieces but danny green. Yeah yeah i mean. Maybe that's what it came down to is that they felt like they were trading away. A starter bless you know a couple of prospects and it just all added up to be a little bit too complicated for them. But i i'm with you. I would have been very motivated to try to grab him. He would have been nice piece to have in matchups against either kyri or drew holiday for either miami or philly and to me. They're backup plans. Were pretty pretty underwhelming. All right to tie this thing off. I don't know if you had any other moves you wanted to discuss if you do bring them on. We also had dallas grabbing. Jj thumbs up thumbs down. Whatever i don't know. I don't think that really matters. I think it's i. I will say i think it's fascinating that Heading into this season. One of the reasons i was down on dallas was that they lost a lot of their shooting and they signed guys like james johnson and one do and lo and behold we get to the trade deadline and they trade westwood one do and james johnson for j. rettig and And nico molly so yes shootings important when you have someone like luka doncic junior team yeah you sound like me talking about milwaukee's off season you know it's like oh i hate. Dj augustan yes. They traded dj august. And you're in the same boat but with with the dallas mavericks. Any other guys. You want to get to hear michael. Washington traded like mo wagner and troy brown junior that wound up getting back. Daniel gifford and chandler hutchison.

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