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We're talking about good old Chicago steakhouses this week. Got some great ones. We always have. You know there's all the all the predictable ones. Here in the downtown area and suburbs. Some fantastic steakhouses. You were kind of talking about this earlier, some of these great supper clubs that are sprinkled throughout the country, you're talking about not getting on the interstate. Yeah. For your big trip, right? That you just came off with your dad, but instead taking the some of the lesser traveled roads so you can go to some fantastic places, and some of my favorites when I go on road trips, I wish I went more, but stopping at supper clubs along the way and just getting a big steak. There's nothing better than that. For some reason, the food tastes better. I don't know what it is. But, you know, you go out to these places that are off the beaten path more or less or a little more road remote or in a very scenic area. And yeah, you get a great steak or a great piece of fish, nice relish tray, tray like the restaurants that bring you the relish tray, you know, your favorite cocktail. If you're if you're into that. That. Yeah. You're all set. I have been known to enjoy an occasional cocktail, or to, yes, I can think of a certain incident. Join at that certain to at that certain incident. There's only photographic evidence that you may have been over served. Oh, wow. I keep telling you anything ever. Know break into my house and find those pictures. Seriously, though, the, you know, those, those places are terrific places. Yeah. And we've got some doozy of places. Did you know that this is national steak month? No month of June is national state month. I did not know that now which is I'm going to go out and get a steak you should you should. You know, I think part of it may have to do with Father's Day being next Sunday. You know, and we all think you know what's the, the meal, the dad's going to enjoy most for Father's Day, a nice Biggles steak, which probably is, is the case. It, it just got me thinking about some of the great state places. We have in Chicago, but I wanted to focus on one in particular that believe it or not has been around for seventy eight years. Isn't that amazing restaurants? Come and go, you know, if they last three five ten years, it's a miracle, but Ginanjar jetties was founded in nineteen forty one and has been delighting Chicago. It is sharply in the same location. Well, we're gonna find out because we've got the, the managing partner, the granddaughter of gene, who founded gene Mitchell Eddie, who founded it back in nineteen forty one to give us a little of the history of this, Michelle depravity is on the line with us right now. Hi, Michelle welcome to WGN. Nice to have you with us. Thanks so much for having them. So happy to be here. Talk to me, a little about the history now with your grandfather, and his partner, L Frago, who started gene and Georgetti. I'd love to so keen and Al Fayed worst friends, they were colleagues. Jane was always kind of a front of house guy. He was the bartender or bar bathroom. Team with my team. It's my grandfather Lottie, I think is correct. Right. Nicoletti nick. Okay. Heart, not easy Italian food. But yes, so that he started sort of the front of house guy when they were originally working together at a different location and Georgetti whose real name your correctly. They'll Frago his last name was actually Federico. But there was an Italian cyclist, who had that named or jetty. And this particular man, loved to ride his bike. So my grandfather had kinda given him, the nickname Georgetti Georgetti comes from. Okay. All right. Gene was always in the front of house, very social love to be with customers, and behind the bar, where Georgetti like to be in the kitchen, and I believe, with almost unofficially, the first chef of the restaurant from from what I understand, and they ran the restaurant together. They, they founded in nineteen forty one they ran it together until Georgetti castaway in nineteen sixty nine and then my grandfather, Jean ran independently until his death in nineteen eighty nine at which time my parents Marian tiny petty bought the restaurants from my grandmother jeans. Wife Ida, and they've had it and they've had it in ever since. So I am the third generation to the art of the restaurant. So since nineteen forty one at the same location on the Franklin street, since nineteen forty one right on Franklin and went away, and the original building is from somewhere. In the I always, get the state wrong in my dad is listening. So before I get it wrong. And he say seventeen hundreds the legend is because it's a wood frame building. And it's one of I think to green door tavern. Also has a wood frame structure, and the wood came from scraps left after the Chicago fire. Right, right. While how about that. Now how how has the steakhouse changed through the years now? It's expanded. I imagine that. What was the original restaurant just that first room that you walk into the restaurant always had floors? Because originally the third floor where officers are now was actually in apartment for the person from team gene, jetty purchase the restaurant, his name was Vic, and it was actually a diner called kind of diner called Vicks, before they bought it and turned it into ginger Jedi, so there was some there always levels to it. It has obviously evolved over the years. My father back in the late nineties did a pretty large edition, because the kitchen few new the kitchen is so small, my dad is joke. Sometimes you have to walk out to change your mind and what back into not even. And they are amazing. Our chef Louise is incredible. And his entire team in that kitchen, working with this base that they have, but twenty years ago, thirty years about was even smaller. So my dad did do an expansion, which brought us the second floor now where we have that beautiful fireside room and we have the Chicago room evolved over time. But we are very mindful in the family of protecting the brand sort of as a two pronged approach. So one is the legacy which is that sort of intangible, you know, what is it feel like you know, then there's actually, the destructural logistical, you know, is this light fixture in line with what it's always felt like is this dish something we can introduce or eliminate from the menu, and it's feels appropriate? You know. So we always have a very mindful approach to how we try to respect who we are. But also because you need to do that as a business Louis. No wasn't always a steakhouse or has it evolved into becoming a. Steakhouse. No such a good question because I've asked myself several times, both gene and Georgetti. We're like two super giant guys in pursuit of the, the American dream. Right. And they opened a stakeout. I don't know where I don't necessarily I know there's a story behind it, but for me it always kinda makes me go. It has always been a stay calm. It's always had a little bit Italian player. We in the family now, kind of joke because right now in the steakhouse world, Italian steakhouses are thing, actually, it's a term. It's a it's a it's a genre category of house now. And we liked to believe that we were, we predate all the categories, which we kind of do so on your little about on your on your menu. There's fantastic steaks and seafood. But but you've got some really classic Italian specialties on the menu as well. I was there and I had a steak Abon him of filet, which is amazing but behind me. Were couple enjoying a birthday dinner? I know that because they stopped and said, Hello, they recognized me. Stopping set alone told me it was their birthday but they had looked like a maybe a chicken parmesan something. I'm they had a couple of talian specialties that I want to sit down at their table. Join them. So delicious. There are there are a few things that we do really stake is always our first lab. Right. We love what we do on those broilers for our customers in the stakes and we have age and all that, but specialties are equally as important to us as much a love. In fact, our chef is now making meatballs in house that she's super excited about. And, you know, over the years, we've us between stakes to make me and we have a little bit especially ingredients. I can't really talk about it's kind of a family secret. But are you take our dishes as seriously as we do our stakes now for national steak months, you've got some specials going on for the June. Right. We do actually we have a we have a really cool twenty four hours, forty five day dry aged bone in Webuye. And we like I said, we take our stakes pretty seriously. You know, we, we like to perfection at about fifteen hundred degrees and that, that twenty four hours I just had it. I was there on Wednesday night. I believe it was, and I had this and I love I love to order my steak, medium rare. And then I actually asked the kitchen to slice, the rebuy before it comes out in my husband, Colin and I will split it. Because for me twenty four ounces is a lot. Yeah. And especially when it's dry age dry, that's left to age, sort of, in those temperature controlled coolers. It's a it's a much more time consuming space consuming sort of involved process. So there's a little bit of like this amazing kind of flavor, full funk to a dry age. So it can be a little more rich young. So for me. I always think less is more so we'll split it. Because like I said, the twenty four ounces a lot in for me, sixty bucks. Leading a really great value. So that's something we're doing to celebrate national stakeouts in national statements, and you're right. It is the perfect time to do it. Because of dad's like my dad is always steak eater. So you might be a little biased. No, the gene Georgetti locations. The original location, five hundred north Franklin, but also your Rosemont location at ninety four twenty one west Higgins road. You're actually closed on Sundays. So people are going to celebrate a Father's Day of next Saturday. Or a day during the week Friday Saturday day during the week, probably would be a good idea. Maybe a gift card, something like that to some other time. So jeans wife, Ida, very much believed that Sunday was a day for family and the legend in our family goes that we were at some point open, seven days and Eita came into the restaurant in the original location, set right down in one of the front tables, and proceeded to start having lunch with a customer, who has a friend of my grandfathers, who also happen to be a divorce attorney, and she basically said, either you closed on Sunday. Or I'm gonna finish my lunch with him. So, so she kinda had. She had a lot of quits, but she was a very dynamic. I just I miss her to this day. She was such a cool lady, a lot of style. And she knew how to tell it like it was always being the lady. And so we closed on Sundays and because of that we always encourage families to come in on Saturdays and celebrate or like you said, gift cards are available online. And we think that's then you can kind of..

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