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And I I do if I if I you know, if I try marijuana I do feel stoned at I don't like that feeling, and I think that that is the point right there. I think there are certain people you, and I included that just like to be in control of our bodies. And so where a lot of people are a little bit more laid back in that realm. And they they like the different affects and feeling that kind of high. I don't prefer it if I don't like being high. I just I just don't don't neither heels a natural. And but I am all for marijuana. Don't get me wrong. I mean, seriously, if I'd much rather have my find out my son. Smoking pot than getting wasted on hall. I just you know. So I I'm open to that. But for me personally, it doesn't work. And I sure wish it did. I sure did. Yeah. And I've tried the, you know, Indika only in sativa only, and I don't know. And it I don't know it. I don't like the feeling I also feel like it makes me very hungry. I mean, you know, that's like a stereotype the money. But it I do find that. I then I'm like snacking on things. I shouldn't. And it makes me feel. I don't know. I don't like it. I don't I know. So we're just dumbers on that one. Yeah. Womp, womp. Like, I would be curious to see how many gram threes like the experience of being high dude that is such a good point. And I bet you it's alive. I know because I don't like that feeling of of like my. I it just it feels like it makes me feel lazy and like a little trapped in my own body in a way trapped in my own body. That is a perfect way to put it that like it, and they're Sinoe some that are ahead. Hi, some summer body. Highs all all different, and I know marijuana's amazing for managing pain. So like, you can find the ones kind of numb out the body and stuff, but you know, for my kind of personality if my body felt numb I would freak the F out. We're small arm. Where's my can't feel it? Okay. So let's see this one is a good one for Kristen. I'd like to hear about self care for single mothers. What about divorce in dating and your thirties and forties? Oh boy. Well, I mean self care for single mothers is a shit show. I you know, I think that there is a. I do think that there's a a conception about divorced. Moms like, we get all this free time because you know, we have our shared custody in. So then our kids go away. And then we, you know, we do and just like live it up. But I will first of all I I were not fifty fifty. I have my kids most of the time. But you know, the self-care just really goes down the toilet. Because even when my kids go to their dad's house, which is two nights a week. That is when I am scrambling to catch up from everything that I was not able to do the other five days because those five days, I am parenting. All by myself, my ashes, not help with anything on this like I need, you know, I have two kids going somewhere at once. He's not going to jump in. Right. And in addition he does not help with. I mean, for example, I'm sitting at my desk, currently, and I have an IEP forum that I have to turn back in and I have camp forms that need to be filled out. And I have a soccer form, you know, like my ex doesn't do any of that right off night. And you know, doctors appointments, you know..

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