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Ooh Yeah. It's Nice I need to do more shameless promotion I guess you do. If. I haven't seen that you need. To do more of that. Woke up to reform. Reform. Evangelical meet I am met our co hosted by not Matt's Co hosted by the not quite black enough eighty ruthless not at all man I couldn't believe that. Right. Eighty was not allowed in a group because he did not have A. GR- percentage a high percentage of blackness. I. It was crazy I sent out a newsletter about this the other day. I was in this group for months like probably a year more and I never. I. Never Spoke About Social Justice because I knew I'd get kicked out instantly if I did, right So it was like a preaching group, it was a black preachers group and then somebody asked a question about expository preaching I answered and somebody. Noticed my name. And they're like, how did you get in here? You are not black. And I was like, well, you know twenty percent Nigerian. You know that kind of thing and I had like two or three defenders that were like, how could you question his blackness? But then by the end of it, kicked me out I was not black enough. A UK to recover after that. Oh Yeah. I record. So I had a feeling I was going to get kicked out. So I recorded it all live when it happened it was hilarious. I was thinking about that after your shared that it was like why people don't do that. We're not like a man you are so white or your little Tan I don't know if you can hang out in our group out of. Those conversations don't happen that used to happen, but that was back during the racist that was the dark times that everyone. To Note, even get a Tan back then. Well, there was always I I'll never forget I was watching this prison show wants in college I think it was called Oz and it was about this white supremacist gang. In prison and the guy like I guess he got beat up or something and he ended up getting. A skin graft from a black guy. But you couldn't see the black skinny just like he had it. You could tell he had it or no he he you knew he had it but you couldn't tell okay and because of the skin graft, they shunned him even though you couldn't tell like, Oh, you've got a little bit of blocks good scooter you you're not allowed in arklow anymore. That was like that was like the most backwards thing ever back in two thousand, six But you know here in twenty twenty, we're way smarter and we're way more sophisticated. So absolutely. All right. So if you guys are watching wherever you are on facebook youtube twitter, if you want to put a little message in wherever you're listening to this, we will get it but you will not be able to see the messages. If you're on the same platform, I've had some people ask about that before we are also only doing a thirty minute show because my dad's coming into town and I gotta go pick them up at the airport. So we will be Indian, a little early in having a shortage show for those of you listen on the podcasts are on. US right later. So let's just get into the first thing I. wanted to start with with a question from you guys this was on our instagram. Direct message someone was asking he and his fiancee are engaged nineteen years old and they're feeling really discouraged that people aren't Kinda supporting it and he wanted to get our advice in our thoughts on it. It's eighty. Do you have any awards wisdom for young listener? Yeah. Well, I mean listen. It sounds like it's just about the age. It's not about anything else Let's just assume that. Yeah. So if it's just about being too young to get married you know that that really is an unfortunate situation because it's just not true. You know there's there's plenty of people that get married right out of high school and There's no biblical reason why you can't get married right Outta high school. It just doesn't make any sense at all from an age perspective if you're both you know nineteen or eighteen, whatever it is that's a perfectly legitimate time to get married if there's other reasons like you know. They know you better than I? Do I mean I don't want to venture a guess into what other reason could be that you know that might be something that's worth hearing people's advice for but Yeah might advice is that you look look at the scripture like we do with everything is there any reason in the scripture that in eighteen year olds could not get married to another eighteen year old I just can't imagine what that would be right yeah or in nineteen year olds and this guy has a fulltime job I should add. So he can provide right plumber it's a good job you could. Definitely. Make it work definitely can make it work, and again I'm not saying that if there's other things that are going on here like maybe the the woman you're marrying is got three kids already kind of thing, and maybe they're like a little bit concerned about you in that situation like, okay there could be other things I'm not saying that there couldn't be reasons why you might want to take a step back. But, the agent self doesn't seem like there's really nothing wrong there. Yeah. Absolutely. Although if you do have three kids nineteen. Oh that's what I'm saying I'm saying like the other things going on but if it's just about eight in, that's it..

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