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And then Jeff Birding saved me and put me in his box had some shrimp flambe and lobster Newberg and the burning box as I watched FC Does what all sports teams doing this town, which is lose to zip, but they mean that go the goalkeeper for Colorado was unbelievable. He was making saves out the wazoo. Well, Think FC played as well as Colorado, but it didn't just didn't put their hand in the cookie jar. That's all to an L and then, uh, FCC is an action on Wednesday night at Chicago. Next big game is at home against the Columbus crew. Can you say crew? Hell is real. Then hell is real. That's what their talent. It was good. I'm glad it happened. And Jeff Burning was the orchestrator of this whole deal. He put it together, did a great job. So, but I want to go to arrest. You See, Mr Lindner, we passed in the back there and he okay, well, he calls me the great American, he said. Call me trade. Well, the the student reporters a proud service, every local temp star heating and air conditioning dealers. 10 star quality you could feel in Cincinnati cost Stacy heating and Air Solutions at 513367. H e A T sparked a minute. I got a text here from Russ Jackson. How do you keep Randy Michaels off the Mount Rushmore of 700? Without Randy, the big one doesn't exist. That's true, But he was only on the What about Powel Crosley? He had some.

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