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Out of their way. This was judge Amy Berman Jackson, who went out of her way to say we are not saying in this court's ruling should not be interpreted as saying that those executive privilege claims were not meritorious. Right. So in other words, applause, but we don't have a judicial determination that they were meritorious, but no indication that these were fraudulent or overly broad or pretextual claims of privilege. So point number three, plausible claims of executive privilege by the then sitting president. Point number four Eric holder didn't just say, okay, well, you know, president says it's executive privilege. That's it. We're done, you know, time to dust my hands. I'll, you know, Monty burns. No, he said, look, I'm going to turn all of these 100% of the documents were turned over to the aforementioned inspector general investigation. So independent because back then, we didn't have a president who fired inspectors general that he didn't like. There was a 19 month review by the DOJ office of the inspector general that cleared Eric holder of any wrongdoing in connection with Fast & Furious found no evidence that holder knew about the operation before 2011, which was exactly what he testified to Congress. By the way, that same investigation found various ethical lapses by 14 lower ranking officials and recommended various forms of disciplinary action. So again, not a not a rubber stamp by a pro Obama hack, independent IG investigation looked at 100% of the documents and wound up releasing almost all of them to Congress, which in turn released almost all of them to the public. So .4 and .5, again that investigation published those documents, Congress got them. And so over the remaining documents that was the lawsuit that I told you to put a pin in, they went to Amy Berman Jackson and said, hey, there's no more a valid claim of executive privilege here. A judge Jackson agreed, said, yeah, the production of most of these documents waves the privilege. So Congress deserves all the rest of the documents. But there is absolutely no basis to continue to hold Eric holder in contempt of court that is, quote, entirely unnecessary. Quoting from her opinion. If we get that from Bannon, I will be over the moon, right? We're not going to get that from Ben. So it does not now that I know we weren't doing our deep dive, but it does sound now a bit Benghazi esque, where it's like, okay, maybe something happened like, yeah, something happened in Benghazi and there may have been problems with security or something. But just trying to tie it to somebody forever. And essentially, Republicans using that as a fake scandal to try to tie it to somebody they're trying to take down who's like, I don't know what to tell you. I've given you everything. That's the similarity, I guess, right? I think that's right, and I think if you look at folks who were close to Eric holder and oh gosh, I should have said this. Eric holder was a partner at Covington in Berlin when I was an associate there. Between post Clinton, he rejoined the firm in 2001. So I do know Eric holder can't recall if I ever did work for him. I should have announced that. Folks close to Eric holder say that this kind of politicized Eric holder at the end of Obama's second term. He became sort of much more aware and involved that the right wing was sort of not fighting in good faith as a result of this. So I think there's a really fascinating story there of like you created part of the monster that you thought you had. I think we would be remiss not to point out, I remember it at the time, the tremendous amount of again continued not very coded racism in having an African American attorney general at an African American president. So those are some of the similarities that I think are there with Benghazi. I think Daryl isa, no doubt in my mind wanted to bring down Eric holder. And, you know, sort of ran with this crusade until he found another crusade to try and bring someone else down because Daryl isa is a piece of human garbage. Official opinion of opening arguments. Official opinion of opening arguments. So by way of saying all of this is people who are. So let me bring down this is not just to arm you about why your uncle Frank is wrong when he said, well you know Eric holder got up. It is to tell you that bringing contempt charges that were referred out by Congress to the DOJ against a recalcitrant witness is in fact a pretty significant process. And everybody who has previously been subjected to this process, you know, you can say, oh, you know, they didn't have to bust rocks or press license plates or whatever. But in every case that I've seen, they had to turn over information. And at some point you could keep issuing subpoenas to Steve Bannon. And if he keeps defying them, right? You keep going back to court and the courts like, wait, are you ever going to comply with these? And he can either say, you know, yes or something that isn't yes. And if he tells a court, something that isn't yes, then all of a sudden I think you'll break the mold. And I think the court will say, well, okay, nothing but going to jail is going to do this for you, huh? Okay, that's what I was going to ask. I mean, that's what it gets up to 'cause it sounds like so that's the common jail. We'll get the common jail at that point. Again, I think Bannon and I talked about this a little bit with Eli on cleanup. We forget Bannon cooperated with the Mueller investigation. I think, again, probably lied a lot. That was in his younger hippie days. Yeah. Right. I think Ben and at some point can be persuaded to give them the things that they want. And we now know a little bit more about what they want. And we know a little bit more about what they want. 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