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Next step is that we need to get this stuff in front of a fair judge who can order variety different things. We don't talk about this enough. Judges have an amazing amount of power in this country. And i think for the worse actually at times but in this case a judge can say well. Why did you change the signature. Verification standards and the judge can order a county to say. Come back to me in a week and use the same standard. You did in two thousand sixteen or two thousand eighteen with the right overseers. That would change wisconsin. Just so you're clear just to clear and that's where some of these lawsuits work. Their ways up now would also be helpful to our argument and in front of court. As if we could start getting criminal indictments for all of this. If all of a sudden the bureau and the doj started to uncover what we have in front of a sworn affidavits of crimes. Richard hopkins crime no investigation that we know it from the federal side for the criminal side this woman blowing the whistle in milwaukee of granny farming the one thousand seven hundred seventy four percent increase in pennsylvania and nevada which is just a pure stroke of criminality no investigation whatsoever the nine points that the trump campaign laid out yesterday. That would help our case significantly if the bureau and the doj did their job or one of these state agencies actually looked into this and was able to find some voter fraud. A cash rebelled scheme. In fact we have a piece here. I want to see if i can find it so much stuff here. Where's that federalist piece. It's really really good at the new york times all over the place way too much stuff here. One seconds really good piece. it's it's it was a news article not of course the activists media didn't cover. Why does the wall street journal and the new york times not put it in there. Have it here somewhere. It's about a cash for ballots scheme that was uncovered in nevada. Here it is. I found it In nevada corrupt cash for votes scheme is hiding in plain sight the federalist and what it has here says the geo tv effort in nevada was blatantly criminal. And i'm a little skeptical at first. But i trust the federalist a lot so i kept reading and it said nevada native vote project posted on november third at six twenty nine pm. Mcdermott and a walkie or oinky voters dropping off their ballots and picking up their gas cards and literally being posted on facebook is. It's literally to differ. I i can't. I couldn't design the smoking gun. You literally have hands exchanging a ballot for a gas card. I mean they posted the picture. This is a crime. It's a federal crime punishable up to two years in prison and another facebook post spokesperson for the reno sparks indian colony bethany. Sam appears on video installing offering t shirts stickers jewelry and thousands of dollars in gift cards to voters some of these items appear to be part of.

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