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They're just questions surrounding his name. Who is it is it somebody multi accounting when these high-rollers you no multi accounting. But charlie hook good to go like you said we wait for the official word from the world series of poker. They delivered us that name Okay think just anytime that there's a big event and there's a new name that nobody knows who it is it's a people are just wondering they're like who the heck is this. I in because it is a small community especially in the bigger by tournaments usually have some sort of history but that is not always the case especially with these w. bracelet events. You never know who might be firing in traveling into to play these things so let us talk about. Wpro line event number twenty eight another big buy in thirty two hundred high roller championship. This tournament attracted two hundred. I'm sorry three hundred. Sixty five runners and coming out on top was one. Daniel lazarus defeated daniel. Buzz can aka juice in heads up. Play buzz. In second runner up. Finish the tiroler in both thirty. Two hundred high-rollers juice finished in second which is Obviously great performance but at the same time man you gotta be like both getting another. One was new jersey grinders. Who has just just seems like a matter of time before he breaks through. He's come close twice now and and just falls a little short david peters almost one another race that he finished in fifth place for forty. Four thousand dollars also jeremiah williams. Who won a bracelet earlier in the series back in the first week in the final table here finished in seven four twenty four thousand dollars so we are almost all caught up chad. We have one more event. Let's see event number twenty nine eight hundred dollar eight max turbo and who won this one. Let me see matthew hunt. Finished in second didn't win it nice performance by bracelet hunt matthew on The winner for more than one hundred two thousand dollars. I do recognize this name. And that would be one. Chris mormon winning his second world series the poker bracelet winning more than one hundred two thousand dollars and i'm sure he feels this way chad. Most importantly getting a w on the board for team platz going up against team holloway in the wp fantasy competition. That we have mormon is on my squad and he does get the job done. Chat mitee will not go quietly into the night. And i see marinho must have returned from mexico. She was at the high stakes. Dual commentary which means she could potentially fire some of these last events if she she wants to get the team platt a big opportunity here but it was bittersweet for me because yeah it was a a win for you and But look. I love chris mormon yet and i love zerorez and wind and he is one of if not the most decorated layers on online poker history and so for him to win a w soapy online bracelet just seemed very Fitting to me. I was really happy to see it. When he made the final table about man it would be great. Report his victory here but it was a turbo in was quick in the ships were swinging but he managed to get the job done. I dunno. it's pretty cool. It's is second bracelet. The first one came back in the two thousand seventeen. Wp main event when the three k. Six handed for almost half a million dollars in here is adding a online bracelet to it..

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