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We knew that we were going to have some kind of a finish out to loss podcast of the year. And so I headed over the street because we couldn't really do at Christmas policy at Jones taverns since I ripped it down now, and as actually gone almost then there, it's gone. They've taken away what's a hospital. Now, it's hospital space is probably going to be a pocket for little while. Nevertheless, we couldn't go without traditional magnum of anchor brewing company's Christmas eo twenty eighteen now on the front of it. They also have a label is a different tree every year. Now they've been doing this for forty years who knew right way back. So with magnum on the top of it anybody. Can you read what it says on that? And we oh, by the way, teach time how much time you got. Well, now, what usually will say up there? The trees says the forty four annual are specially in this is the skimming skewing our tree for twenty eighteen is a Korean pine which flourishes in a picturesque botanical garden north of San Francisco. All right. So paying Omar to the east this year. Right. Well, a crack it open now, which has an interesting talk right because you have to pull this little thing. John normal Capela need it is a new. Well, no, actually is it it is it is this little plastic thing. A normal cat tiny little cap on top of a gigantic. And this is a magnum. Do do. You know, how many points is magnum? I've no idea actually. What's that new leaders? Nobody knows. One court one pint two point seven fluid ounces every so much is a cool four points. Right. Yes. So we so there's. So it's five point five pints and a dash for whoever you like least, and you go we got enough for the entire bloody brewery here negoti got some guys that came in at the end of your work in day, you were finishing up. The we'll be sure to get him some movie shit point seven carefully you out in it. Because it wasn't the back of my call aiming at over there. That's what made me getting that direction. Slowly. Yeah. We got. There was no problem whatsoever. All right, so pull that out. We're going to review the twenty one. Now, we have had this be for about three four years. It's always slightly different different kala, slightly different spices. And this time round the color is amber looking color. Oh T jail. Save the color is. Well, we pull that out Chuck bubble on the top of it. So hate is somewhat. The cream e yeah. Which is always good. I got the bubble. Oh, he got the bubble transferred the bubble. So we let's taste it up here before we do traditional Christmas chess. So jeez. Nope. Get into much spice, which is what I really like about be because they don't go over the top on that. Yeah. Very nice nose. Oh, yeah. Really allude still dark malts in. They're almost more than the spicy a little bit of spice on those. But it's nothing that doesn't doesn't smell like it's gonna be a cinnamon bomb and dark caramel, not just the way it looks to bit. So kind of tastes the way it smells. It's very dry finish. Which is probably the spices abet. They've got definitely helped spicing. Definitely. Yeah. I take tastes just like a dash of all Spicer nutmeg or something. Like that like gentlemen, it's been an absolute pleasure. This year doing pocus with TJ. You have become a new star. On a show. And you know, you talk a lot more than Chuck, right? That's for sure. So I'm gonna just say thank you very much. Indeed,.

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