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Those are more like legal speed as it's like okay here's the levitt don't even think about asking to go over it and we don't mind if you come under ab no insist that use it up is just use of the rule of law and applies for wise so so it's not clear who has the right to use it got to have a whole group of the bulk at arguing about who gets to ease with our events um and to my the way i would say that i think that has respect i would call that you know budgeting i recall that corporate control human resource management whatever you want to call it does not done with any kind of sense of trading no trader of redesigned that enough makes sense to any traders just cut of a rule gas you must i can't now i just want to ask you this question the smart david as silly question you might laugh at it batum bane of risk manager this is something i think you've had that rao for ran about as it thirty years and why it's a it's a long wall a cafe yep yep has this changed the y you do like normal diet did i things like crossing the road i get in your car and driving some where liked d just unintentional the think about things much differently than i guess the regular person does well i think i was kind of inclined to think this way anyway so proably affected me less that other people but maybe this all be a good example i just this weekend on saturday i was a judge at a university chicago the boost business school has his competition among students and it's like a a roleplaying scenario where the seeds are given the business situation the at the react.

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