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Hold on on how many mohammed few more just. Okay hold on a second we do. We could do that. Part barbie clones lot going on now in office markers active police officer in the community. I'm not gonna say where we i mean like. He probably he's probably got his uniform on right now this you would you would be correct. That's right daisies. And we're grateful that you have opportunity to call in bobby. This young man is on trial. What's his name again Okay mark we should take on. This take on this is it could have been avoided all been avoided. There's many ways they could handle the situation and they you know they screwed it up. And they're they're bad officers. You know you're gonna do. Nobody deserves loser alive. Nobody nobody you know. There's ways yet. You had been a police car if you're gonna take him out a police car. He was claustrophobic. Okay i understand your cost beginning how to talk. I understand you're claustrophobic. We're gonna take you down and tell them what you're going to take you on a police station. We're going to process your call. Secret service secret service is probably going to laugh at them for counterfeit bill twenty dollars. They're not gonna. They're not gonna do anything about that. Twenty dollars counterfeit bills. They're probably going to say. Just do what you gotta do. Send him on his way There's plenty of times where you can handcuff somebody. And you don't have to have them. In the prohibition okay. It's and i. I can even tell you how to do that right now if you want me to. Go ahead it. First of all the guy was he was already handcuffed. So take him out of the car. Shit him on a curve standing against the call you don't have to put him on a graph. Okay telling him to kneel down across his legs lean back. You're still breathing. You're handcuffed but you're leaning back on your legs and your in an upright position. Your lungs are getting their the very simple very simple mark. God bless him straight. Oh god bless office. Like i said this guy scuffle few years now about four or five years. Good good guy mark but let's the procedures out the window. If you don't mind right this derek chauvin is his name. Moh yeah he's guilty. He's he committed murder he committed murder. I appreciate you sharing with with officers. Supposed to be serving with the officers should do in a situation like this officer. Towels should have told you overlook back up. Get off his neck Do you know you might want to let you know. He should have been Acting instead of worrying about you know some the crowd that wasn't really doing anything but other than boisterous offering an officer sees another officer committing bad behavior. You gotta you gotta act and that officer towel. i think his name was nothing offers. Nothing officer talents. He won't trial to them now again. His wife's his now right. Some something within the the family town needs to go to jail for twenty five years as well. well us. The people would testimony yesterday some of the people that were in the crowd Barbie cologne wanted to rush. They went into thanks to get off because they see was dying. Yeah they wanted to challenge the russel's try to pull out the mace of spray. Whatever they have to stop them. Yeah this was a murder Derek chauvin sharon's chevy sean listen and the other one committed murder to tau. He committed murder to because he was accessory to. All of this is sean. I gotta run. But i'm gonna give you a little insight. That defense already gave a little bit way. They're gonna try and put reasonable doubt into evidence. Wanna search turn into bates stamp stuff the evidence that was in and and other stuff and i could tell you right now sheldon if people are wanna say oh. We can't wait till he gets on the stand. He will not take the stand out the atlantic show put him of course what is he. Of course they want charges. Because here's the thing and here we go again. City said it earlier like this is the same thing that happened this time last year. Covert riots and all that and now here we go with this trial. I pray that the citizens of minnesota minneapolis. Whoever this crime was this murder they gave a mass murderer. So he's so he's got manslaughter and murder. I kind of get a jerry can not only that. I didn't think dirk wanted to wake up that morning. I'm going to kill a guy. I don't think you know know officer. Derek listen listen. No you've got to run you okay. Mark last word more. Go ahead no officer in the united states whether you're good or bad officer wakes up and wants to take somebody's life okay. God bless you. I gotta run okay cool but i don't think that derek chauvin if that's of saint xavier chauvin I don't think he woke up that morning. Santa killer blog. I don't even if he did even if he thought that they can't prove that. Yeah yeah you can't prove we can't prove that he didn't say it's anyone and prove that so we can't go there with like first degree murder in. Yeah but manslaughter. And second degree second and third degree murder second and third and second degree mankind see. Now here's the thing people in in minnesota defined okay. He got second and third degree murder and second degree. Manslaughter is when people people in the state of minnesota or this city of minneapolis. Or wherever this borough was committed please. There is no reasonable doubt on this one. Yeah it was a murder it was on videotape. Everybody's recording it. There is no way that you can find any doubt in with officer derek. Chauvin this murder that he committed and came to find out. It wasn't eight minutes and forty two seconds and nine minutes and twelve seconds whatever. It was like another thirty forty seconds. Let's let's do the right thing here. So how do you want to show cine barbie. We're going on in atlanta roy. Whoa wait leonard. Everybody linnet linette. You had to apologize apprentice cox no pause to be on the show and i'm not playing with that. I'm so okay if you do it right now. It's no no. No no if i know you going into your explaining is done on this show. I will just pile sir for his cops. Say one more time please. I.

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