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I think that's the best way of winning that westbrook pushing in transition or when the browns on the bed she can handle the ball. But lebron gotta be that primary decision-maker unfortunately we have agreement guys across the board. I would say without question. The nets had the big three. That being said the lakers big three is considerably older. And i'm gonna add this. We just talked about well start mentioned kyri dominated the bowl. I actually think the nets locker room has a better chance to implode given the strong personalities james harden. They never won anything. I don't like betting against lebron and anthony davis and we all know kyrie irving. I just don't know where his head spaces from one day to the next so i mean the nets. Have the better big three. But you can't unequivocally say they're going to beat the lakers head. We still have to see the supporting cast by the way. There's a report out there today. That the nets drafted a couple of guys last thursday and none of the big three k. d. hardened kyrie none of them have reached out to the rookies on board lebron. Of course. I guy out there putting out on instagram. We got russell westbrook like. Just keep an eye on the lakers. I think it'll be pretty decent z. Kevin durant and team. Usa have their eyes on the prize as the tokyo olympics. Eat up in men's basketball it's winner. Time is a miracle will take on spain in the quarter-finals of the knockout stages. A win would put jd and team usa. One step closer to gold resort. What should we expect from the americans tonight. victory i. Ricky rubio is the leading score for spain. Ricky rubio very good little point guard. But he's not a score and he's there leading score powell disol- is forty one years old. I spain is an old team. I we've gotta get our pressure divas up. That's how team. Usa beat the czech republic and turn that game around aggressive pressure. Defense pushing getting the ball out and transition because the defense hitting your jump shots hitting the three. That's the formula for victory team. Usa by eleven. that's not a route. But you know. I think it will be a route. I think it will be much more of the same. I know this is a more competitive team. Then then iran and czech republic. But let's be clear. They got their embarrassment out of the way with the france game and they're playing with a sense of pride and basically understanding that they do not want this stain to be on their gold medal when they get it. It's going to be much of the same. I look out onto route this team And went fairly easily tonight. I already bet. Spain getting twelve and a half in this one nine either current or former nba players on the roster. They're not going to be scared. They faced the us many times. There is no fear in this painting. It's going to be close and a tight game late for the us. I'm nervous also. Us might have to play. Luca danni in the gold medal. Round luca guys i show in the book can all on on week right. We can only hope a twitter. Trolls take a nap. Some orange juice carson wentz my goodness brutal absolutely brutal for the colts here. We go with colin coward next on f s one island.

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