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The latest on that tragedy at Vance airforce base good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the case you can use it and this is Oklahoma's first news coldest morning and cold all day our forecast is coming up the names of the two airmen killed yesterday in aircraft miss have advance airforce base in in it will be released today colonel Corey Simmons says two to thirty eight talents were performing a formation training flight and the mishap occurred during the landing phase of the mission he says that's about all that's known right now I I know that there two airplanes that are off the runway right now the answer for status how they got to that point I got a I got a look the investigation play itself out he says on a general aviation day Vance performs two hundred twenty five flying missions with up to one thousand landings a day he said runway mishaps are very rare there were two people on board each aircraft the two airmen killed were in one jet the two airmen in the other jet were not injured more teachers in Oklahoma here's Beth Myers state school superintendent joy Hofmeister says there has been significant growth in the teacher work force in Oklahoma over the last two years she says since the legislature approved back to back pay raises schools have added seventeen hundred fifty teachers that since the two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen school year there are about forty three thousand classroom teachers in Oklahoma schools Hofmeister says the numbers represent a win for Oklahoma kids three long days of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry Mike Emanuel has reaction from both parties house speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters if president trump isn't happy he should feel free to participate if you have any information that is exculpatory please bring it forth because it seems that the fax or uncontested house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy says Democrats are not treating president trump fairly we do not have a process where the president's own attorney could have a cross examination we do not have due process and again despite all the advantage Adam Schiff he still cannot come up with a reason to impeach the president a mental health competency review is set today for a man accused of killing his parents because he thought they were Satan worshippers who were sending him telepathic messages nineteen year old Michael Elijah Walker is charged with murder in the shooting deaths of fifty year old Michael Logan Walker and forty four year old Rachel Walker in their admin home in March the father was shot seven times the mother shot ten times and Oklahoma county judge ruled Michael Elijah Walker and competent for trial and ordered him to undergo mental health treatment authorities in Michigan use DNA to identify an Oklahoma City woman whose skeletal remains were found there in nineteen eighty eight Jim Forsyth reports she was twenty eight year old Maria white Bateman and her bones were found by hunters a medical examiner has not been able to determine how she died investigators retrieved DNA from one of Bateman Stuy bones and ran it through a DNA database of genealogy from people tracing their roots the Oklahoma state bureau of investigation is looking for a missing man from Altas thirty three year old Richard Thurman Hitchcock was last seen in the grand field area on November ninth Hitchcock's described as a white male with brown hair and brown eyes he is six feet tall and one hundred sixty pounds okay weather center and the storm team our temperatures will pretty much hold steady today will have rain this morning and lingering drizzle this afternoon highs today in the upper thirties but wind chills will make it feel like we're in the upper twenties lows tonight around thirty and then tomorrow sunshine high in the mid fifties with a low in the mid thirties your next news update in ten minutes sign Jacquelyn Scott newsradio one thousand Katie okay the man that Katie okay dot com from newsradio one thousand Katie okay Oklahoma's first ten years.

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