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Or you know e- Spicy Mail. If, you're a vessel in your halfway between here and Bermuda, he can give you a report. But. That's an incredible amount of work because he is forecasting the eastern Caribbean is forecasting the western Caribbean. He's forecasting. South. Florida, the the. East Coast there. In this year, he does the northeast right because people are traveling in the northeast in the summer. So he's covering that whole range he's and he's responsible. He's very conservative because he's responsible for people sake people. Yeah. Deciding whether or not to take off and a lot of cruisers I'm not gonna Jen I am going to generalize I'm about to generalize everybody. A lot of cruisers take responsibility for their own forecasting and they also compare it against Chris Parker there are some cruisers though that do not. One hundred percent dependent on Chris Barker. So he is giving a conservative. report. But then like Ren said after he's done with those big generalized. Forecast He. has his subscribers that he gives detailed reports to. So the only extra or subscribe a year. Liam out to hear like a specific laurel. Funny that is a lot worker. Who Does the him for doing that I guess his job his calling well, he did. He's gotTA. Love it right because for years I'm sure he did it without much. Kick back but now he definitely sells the subscriptions he house somebody working with him stormy. Yes, a great name for some leather work -actly exactly born for. Now ran is very partial to Chris Barker. But still he had to hire helps a sailor. I'm not sure sure star stormies ever been a sailor. A good weather person but. The the thing about Chris Parker is he's been all these places he's talking to people about let me he's talking to us and we'll well, he's talking to people beside us in believes because we don't subscribe. The a connection and he's talking to people and he's been to these places. So he knows yeah, you're GONNA come into that Anchorage you. You're probably GONNA one the wind be at a debate exactly. He knows the whole that you're in. What was it like to get out of that hole and? Yeah, it's really cool. There's a lot. It is a lot. That's why when I think about WBZ lives Irfan thinking. Oh. Anne has a job. Trying to minimize everything I'm trying to work less four-class. Yeah. Play more. So, what is your Go-to or what would be your process? Say there's a low pressure. Somewhere where you're just talking junk now..

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