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I kind of kicked it out it kicked off wow but to so you said you're now mailing to forty seven state what are the three role be states that yet to have easter crosses i think i think a wily a laugh and jake chandler coto became a shame on you threes they i think those are the three and they're out there all all idea by got graces some might day job i prayed in in in god takes it wasn't where he wants to blow it and if you're a lineman out there who wants to get your church up involved and that's a good it used across dot org and find out how it again this is one of these ideas it's such a great idea and it's kind of funny because there's certain ideas that are so simple and then you think how come nobody else thought of this so what when gotta give he this gift tip to to get this idea he really is it so well mental you know it is coming inventing to christmas tree i mean it's so basically think wow easter cross and you're front long flip it around i mean it's it's such a great idea that but in some ways it is a little bit home balling because you think how come somebody else than than think of this before because it really is foundational i'm simply the mesh and you're in it i find an error should this year you might no orthodox easter and what western trips years for the same sunday i was i wasn't a bring that but that's the only problem is that growing up as an orthodox christian easter is often so because because the grigor encounter in the julian calendars whatever for some reason that that that we won the eastern curse decided to go with one in the westage are set to go the other so yeah you have often different easter is but every few years they call inside which is a wonderful thing and it growing up as north are switches heavily you feel kind of changing the normal you know but it's good not the feel normal also it's going to be weird and it also gives them an on orthodox a second bite at the apple if you kind of have you know the first at two weeks later when i got the orthodox.

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