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Even though he hasn't said it before. I think you've said it before how that transfer hasn't really worked. He still been more Loki crucial for bastard than a lot of people giving credit for. And here is another example of that. Watching him combine with Messi in the Copa del Rey final was like, it was a really beautiful moment of like, you know. I think, you know, like, you know, that thing will always have Paris. It's like we'll always have athletic club in that Copa final for him. The way that him and messy combined, I saw that and thought that that's the future. That's the future for Barcelona if they keep that. And that honestly, at his best, even the Barcelona in an unfamiliar sort of tactical setting or an unusual tactile setting he is spectacular. The sad thing of course is, as you say, right, with biscuits like Chavez, there's just no real way that chavi can not start biscuits the way the biscuits has been playing in the setup that he likes. And there's also no way you can keep a player of the quality of Dion in the shadows for too long. It's of course he keep them on the field because he gives you more on the field than off. But this is a funny one, Barcelona might need to have faith in their own processor be like that will let him go because we're going to get the midfield configuration which will work for us. We will have midfielders that will do the job. We will find players moving on our ranks that will deliver Nico and Pedro all there. This is the thing. Anything else in the league you want to search on? No, that's good, actually. I think we're good. I'm good. I'm just very quickly in the women's Spanish Super Cup final. Barcelona beat at leti 7 nil hat trick for Caroline Graham Hansen. But there was a lovely moment after the game where bar suppliers circled around Virginia Tori killer. It was their first appearance for Atleti since having surgery for a brain tumor. So despite having won the game at full time, faster players all went rounder and lifted or up in the air and threw up in the air like you know how people players do with coaches when they win a toy. Yeah, the pep thing. Yeah. It was just a really lovely moment. Just a really, really nice moment, but basa. This is revenge as well because this time, I've made beaten last year on penalties. So this was like a real kind of light. This was a payback. And Barcelona like Graham Hanson particular. They're going to regret this respecting Barcelona with all these like team of the year awards and like individual awards. Because here's the thing. I think those things matter, weirdly enough, I think that the disrespect by those awards not being given. Galvanises the players more than the respect by them being given. You know, the way that Barcelona had been disrespected by team of the year awards is just come on. Graham Hansen's coming for everyone. But I got a hat trick here. I think a hat trick and three assists actually and just ran the show. Anything else in Spain you want to touch on, should we? Take a break. Nothing. We're good. We're good. All right, man, let's go to the Premier League. Let's do it. Where would you like to begin? We could begin at the bottom. I think we should. Yeah, so.

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