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Flam shenanigans. Yeah, alright. How's your cup? Jason? Good morning. Thank you. Thank you. Mine is edible Mind is extraordinary, Crafted, creamed, creamy, crisp. Cured, cutting and dazzling. Cheers, everybody. Cheers. Hmm. There we go. That's refreshment. Right there. Sounds like everyone is ah 44 record playing on 33. Maybe something like that. Maybe perhaps 38 33. That's all right. That's all right. Yeah, it's Hey, it's Wednesday. It's halfway. I'm just excited. It's historic day. I am because of that. I am thrilled. So don. It sounds like you're, uh ah, Little. You have one speed down, Lex. You sound a little tired, Kenny Wells. I can make up for all three of you because I am have a little more chipper chipper nous in my step, because I only have one show today. I don't have the Jason show today. So I am very excited. This is it. I have this nice. I have a meeting. On Then That's it, then. I then then I can freeze a bird. So regulation coverage. Yeah, we're being preempted. Yeah, we're being preempted for ratio tastic. Oh, I woke up. I woke up Tim. Minutes later because I didn't have to do my hers. I'm literally where I'm literally wearing a hat. I've never worn a hat inside the building here. This feels lovely on And so, yeah, So I will have a couple extra ounces of energy today. So if you all are lacking in energy, I will. I'll give you some of mine. I'll pass. I'll pass it around the past. Yeah. Take a sip. Well, let me try. Let me try to put specifically dawn. In a great mood. Dawn. You know the cameo thing I I believe you got a cameo from someone over Christmas. And you know what? People don't know What cameo Always. We talked about it before. It's an app. Where there are, you know, Delist C List B list stars on their Where for anywhere from 50 to 10. Do $400. You can get that star to send you a personal message. Well, Dawn. I am very excited to tell you that you you don McLean for just $80 can get a personal shout out. From punks, attorney Phil Yeah. Did you see that? I did. I talked about it on this show, Did you? Yeah. When? Um I don't know. When was that, Alexis? Do you remember? Yeah, maybe Friday last week. Yeah, I don't Was it in in a dirt alert or something? Because I don't remember it. Okay? Yeah, it might have been a the end of the show or something. I'm not sure. Yeah, but I'm sorry. Let me change my reaction. Oh, my God. That's great. But we believe that from the, uh I don't remember. So don't feel bad, Jason. Neither do I Do. I don't I don't. Really thank you, Kenny. I don't remember that. So although I don't even remember the start of I don't remember the start of today's show. So find those compliments. Remember? I know why you checked out because it was about revenge. And the people. The castle revenge. The reuniting In February, and then dawn said, Oh, I've got a cool cameo punks. A tawny Phil. Yeah, And I said, then you could buy a cut out of of yourselves to put at the Gobblers Not remember. We didn't want to dollars and you made a joke about it's in a promo. You made a joke about Gobbler's knob and how you want to open up a bar named God, I'm pretty sure they almost nonstop, You know, I remember that, but I got it. Now that I really do remember I do not remember the catalyst. Well, first of all the mind map that we just painted the fact the fact that we went from revenge two punks a tawny Phil. No wonder I don't remember this crap Go from revenge. A show on a be a crappy show on ABC. How did we go from that to the ground hog? No wonder I blocked it out of my memory. How did you I don't know how it is now. I don't know how we got there. But I know this is what happened, Jason. I said the words Gobbler's knob very early in talking about it. And you started formulating. Yeah, Yeah, you were thinking about the words Gobbler's knob. Yeah, that's right. That's exactly no, thank you even played a clip from ground hard. So you were looking for the clip and not hearing you. I was looking for. Yes, exactly. Hey, but that's fine. We all do three things at once. Yes, Yes. And it was the end of the ship. Yeah, because I remember the pie. Remember Gobbler's knob and me making the crack that I want to open a gay bar. I don't remember the catalyst being The shout out to the cameo, So Okay, now we know now we're heartless. You could still get that cameo. Yeah, Here's the thing. I did check out what that Kanye would look like. Yeah, And at first I thought it was the ground hog, saying some words or just Wiggling its nose. Yeah, he has a handler called Rainmaker. Yeah, and rainmakers the guy that talks I did not know about rainmaker. Do they hold up punks? A tawny Phil? Yeah, Okay, That's good. And I guess they respond within, like two hours. So can you imagine setting up for that? They got the ring, right? They've got a whole step and repeat that says Post Itani Still in the background there ready to go. He turn that light on and that get that guinea pig, just like Oh, Well, here's Here's an example of one for a guy named B Rad Be red. Oh, be red pumps to Tony Phil here and I'm his handler. The rainmaker from your buddy Chazz. We understand you work in the hospital, and it's been a pretty tough year on the bright side. I'm assuming you've got the vaccine. So you've got that going for you, Phil and I are pretty far down on the list. So we're still hoping for it. Guess you've been two punks Otani and celebrated your birthday here which is awesome. I understand that you shaved fill into your chest. Anyways, Ground hog day. Put it on your calendar. Thanks for loving Phil. Happy Ground Hog day. Okay, There's so many things to explore about God. Who's the guy who shaped bunks? Tony Saunders just is that much, Chester, Let's see it. Well, First of all the fact that his name is B rad, Okay. And then the fact that it's a guy named B Rad, who shaves Images into his chest hair. There's number two number three hashtag too soon. Does that are we making covert jokes already? I'm sure the Rod and I are pretty far down on the list of the vaccine. You know, it's like drummer, and it's like, okay, I know I'm plus He's talking. Get aborted. Radio voice. Hey, there. Good morning. Yeah. Like rainmaker ran in the rain. Yeah, Rainmaker and be read. That sounds like a morning show in Boise. You know a ninja turtles with bebop. That's right. Anyway. It's $80. If you would like to get one for you and yours for this ground Hog day, everybody just go to the cameo website. It is 6 12 when we come back Pellet on plus a wellness toilet. That's right. It's all right here. Nowhere else right here when we come back my talk +1071..

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