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I'm going to dive bar. Where do you want to go next. You wanna cheers no. It doesn't look like that when you go inside so just take a picture outside. Ted danson you wanna get some shout. I hate clam chowder. It tastes like somebody already aided and then spit it back into the bull looks the same way. Happy third birthday. The one and only is indeed back here on the rich eisen show. We just saw a fantastic bill. Burr rant from three years ago. When i asked him why boston fans sports fans appear to be happy. Only when they're unhappy. We got a post that later on. Chris let's post ad clever later on our show page. That's that must be shared three years old three years old all right so put this tweet up again that we saw. I laughed out loud. The as the kids would say l. o. Eld diana ross seaney. I just took more pictures. And videos of julio jones and the practice field for the first time of the titans than any other moment in my personal life weddings birthdays family parties. Anita reevaluate my life. I i feel like you have to call people when when you see this sort of plea for help is diane rossini on the phone line ride from. Espn you there. How me i mean. I'm down on the ground. I laid down at one point to get this really good angle. 'cause i wanted to show his legs in how strong they are. I'm running from both sides of the feels. your variable. Apparently likes to make sure his media fit. I'm sweating was allstate in track new jersey okay. I didn't know what the hell happened. Me i even make it. I was actually like kind of giggling as i was jogging. This is awful. I mean i know this is a run first team. For why the heck did we have to run now. Do you know what because first of all there may be three is diana rossini. But you're a team player. That's number one number two what's happened to you is sports media. That's what's happened to you. Okay that's like a what fowler is like the only guy who seems to get stronger as long as these days in sports media like. I don't know how many other aikman i'm see troy aikman's workout videos and stuff like that very impressive. But he's a former professional athlete. But you just only no one speed diana you see store and you just go for. How many photographs did you. In fact take of. I look fifty four. What do this is what i'm thinking about. What the heck am. I gonna do with these. I already posted my one. Would i would think was my blockbuster that i posted my best video. Okay like do you want a picture of his family like no problem for you. Direct message. direct dina direct message. We'll take your we'll we'll take your third and fourth place best. Oh julio jones shots will post amman at richeisenshow will give you. The proper credit will do all of that absolutely but this is a big story. You've been covering this story. He's finally now actually here. Maybe that's part of your excitement to diana. I think that's what it is. I think i. I like going into situations and really having zero. Shame which is what i had today. you know the the beer reporters in tennessee are fantastic. Great job there. Like a freely fun group. And they're very accepting when i come in because i don't get to come too often But i wish. I could say brought like a level of just like national professionalism. I'm i'm worse than any now. The pr guy screaming at me. Put any step back. you're gonna get hit i. I don't really like rules so either way you're right. It is a big enrich. You wanna know why. I think it's a big story. Go from over the tree now. Good job john robinson way to go yet. You traded him on a on a pontoon boat with your family to me. It's the fact that this is voluntary and this is just a really really good first step in my opinion in telling this tennessee titans coaching staff the team. I'm here to be a tight and i'm here to play. I don't need to beer. I'm julio jones thirty two years old future hall of famer. Perhaps i don't need to but i am and i think the fact that he is hungry to learn and of course. I'm sure this doesn't surprise you. The first pasa practice from ryan tannehill went to number two damn strength. Exactly no and and and do you think diana direct diner. We're seeing espn here. Do you think there's anybody in atlanta seeing Julio working out right now voluntary after he missed so much practice time last year. Seem what the hell. Where was that guy. Is there anybody thinking. Atlanta thinking that when they see him out there at the volunteer. Abel's out here and thank god. Thank you. I'm thinking because you have to figure you know we know his style. We know who's coaching way. We know where he comes from. What how they did things in new england so to now be trying to make this little mini new england that he's trying to build here in in in a great way. That was the big question mark for me when when this was all happening and i heard tennessee pushing him pushing. I i was like i was just going to work. I had a hard time believing that they're going to allow. Julio jones not to practice if he doesn't want to practice from had heard in atlanta so this is this is just a really good first step granted it's day one of the honeymoon but Hopefully they can go a few years here with some success. It's exciting it really. Is they gotta be all fired. Up so I appreciate you hopping on. Because i'm sure you're doing. Millions of sportscenter hits. And then you are you. You're talking to julio later so what you're doing later on. It's actually happening right now. I tell you Well i'm just saying is that if you're if you're going to be talking later just let him know He's he's on And it's being recorded. Will you let them know that in for the happened i will. I will let him know that and then at the end of the interview i will say thank you. Here are the fifty seven pictures i have. I don't want don't forget the direct message. Some of them were text. Some of them test. And we'll put up there. We got you got you covered i. I worked for everyone these days. It doesn't matter all in this together we are. Thanks for the call. You take care. i'm glad you get your cardio. And thanks. God there's diana rossini of espn. Everybody that just made me laugh. The whole thing voluntary voluntary him.

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