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Pricing coverage match limited by state law women's soccer team are taking their fight for equal pay to court. They filed a class action lawsuit under the equal pay act and title seven of the civil rights. Nikki Dolan's of the monkeys almost became the funds. He leads today's birthday roundup. He says it was down to either him or Henry Winkler. He said I saw you there. And I thought oh never get this. But he was brilliant. I'm much better Dolan speaking with the sessions panel he seventy four also started a young age James vanderbeek now stars on the FX series. Pose? He also now has five children from infant up to age eight. I've never been more tired. But I've never been more happy. So it all balances out. Yeah. Vanderbeek on Wendy Williams. He's forty two and Cameron Manheim known for her starring role in the practice now has a child of her own in the business her seventeen year old son Milo plays the lead on the Disney channel movie zombies. He was just doing a high school musical and a casting director saw him and asked if he would want to audition for this. And I thought oh, this'll be good humbling experience for him Mannheim talking with access she's fifty eight and that's our birthday round up for March eighth. I'm Bob Kessler horses are back training at Santa Anita race track in southern California while testing continues on its main dirt track they're trying to figure out why so many horses have been dying there since December twenty six twenty one horses have been euthanized after suffering catastrophic injuries on Santa anita's dirt track while either training or racing Santa Anita closed its main track and training track. Tuesday, suspended racing indefinitely to check the dirt track. An initial inspection. Last week found. No irregularities racing then resumed on February twenty eighth but then two more horses suffered fatal injuries. Early campaign rallies for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. I'm Tim Maguire with AP news minute to candidates for the democratic party's presidential nomination. Hold rallies this evening for not Vermont, independent Senator Bernie Sanders talks about people calling him too radical healthcare to all as a right, not.

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