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Hazard. The vents on your phone get blocked by blanket so it can't cool down properly and it ends up overheating and possibly even catching fire. So how do you charge your phone safely? Make sure your phone is in a well ventilated area. When it's charging and keep in mind that it doesn't need to and in fact shouldn't be at one hundred percent all the time I would advise people at their phones battery drain as much as possible before they start the charging cycle the home theater editor Lee. Newkirk explains batteries have a sort of memory process and the ability to recharge will weaken over time. If you're constantly recharging when you're at seventy five percent or fifty percent battery life and if you're worried about your phone dying during the day particularly if you have an on the go lifestyle. Consider a portable charger or wireless charging pad which tend to charge smartphones. Much quicker the link to this article will be in the show okay. Here's the thing the day that I come across this article. I looked down at my phone. And my phone's at about maybe sixty percent and I am one of these people. That's guilty about plugging his phone. In all the time. If I see that it's dropped below once it hits seventy five percent I plug it in. That's just the way it is for me because I just don't want to be somewhere and not have any power right. I'm never I've never really had to worry about that before because if I'm not at work I'm at home the most I'm Ab out getting groceries. You know and if I'm doing that I can plug my phone in while I'm in the car so I don't know why I freak out about it so much but I do but here. Here's what happened. I read this article. I see that my phone's at about sixty percent and I think to myself okay. Well I'm just GonNa do what the article says and I'm just GONNA leave it unplugged and I won't start charging it again until it hits below thirty percent. Well that was the night. We had a big power outage so I leave work. I get home. Don't charge my phone at all. It's at thirty percent when I walk in the House. Power is out when the power is out. You use your phone quite a bit. I'm trying to find out what's going on. I'm going to the the you know. The power companies App to look at their their outage map to see if we're on the outage map and if we're not to report our outage to get updates and then honestly just do stuff like play solitaire and read comic books. 'cause there's nothing else to do because the power in the entire houses out well before. I know it of course my little battery light is flashing red and I got nowhere to plug it in. I could go out to the car but I didn't just feel like sitting out in the car for a while. I charge my phone so what I ended up doing. Was I pulled out my laptop and powered it on and I plug my phone into it. My son who also had very low battery life his was about to die. He sees me doing that. He plugs his phone into my laptop as well. So here's a laptop running on a battery trying to charge two phones an hour later. My phone is maybe at twenty percent so I unplugged it and I start playing with again. Checking up checking updates for the outage you know so it wasn't really a good time for me to Test this little theory out and yet I'm still doing it. I'm still keeping my phone at a low battery life. For example now it is at sixty seventy six percent. That's where it's at right now. When I went to bed last night I let it. I let it drop down to about twenty percent. Yesterday I got home. I plugged it in. I let it charge up to about ninety percent that I unplugged it. Set my alarm and went to bed. Got Up this morning. It's about eighty percent. I haven't Pug in addle so hopefully my phone will last a bit longer. What about you do you do this? Are you a constant phone charger person? Let me know feedback at Stephen are else dot com.

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