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Of hand and Rocky boy Mint ST. X Bombers are rated 23rd in the nation. And the Max preps. Top 25 preseason national rankings in football, basketball, baseball high school football. Well, pretty good. That is correct. It's not bad. And rose level. Not Notre Dame. Correct? Um, the standout. She was named today to the United States Women's Olympic soccer team. How about that? One of 18 is headed to Tokyo. They want to get paid more money to It looks like Jeff Brantley still asleep on his couch. Hopefully no ice cream is melting on him. We'll say about that thinking, man. Well, segment is added in sports. I think so. Today. The Reds are off back at it. Tomorrow. We'll see what happens. Well, do you agree or not? I agree. Well, I guess we're going to go over to for calls today, So we'll see what happens. Maybe we'll try him in an hour about Tommy thrall. Here we go, then they're probably all He? I bet you the Cowboys, probably sleeping. All right. We're going to try Tommy Thrall. We're gonna get to the bottom of this one way or another saying where you're holding your breath when it was two. And oh, man on first and Amber carrots on the mound. All I could think of as I I figured that Lance was probably going about ready to jump off.

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