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To look at the specifics of every city in every bart system because they're they're street systems may be more expensive to refit for bus rapid transit some more than others ideally you should have a separate corridor with fortunately here in santa cruz county where we live there is a railroad corridor that's not being used during much it's almost abandoned and so now the debate is should we rebuilt the train there for passenger service because it requires a lot of upgrading to do that or replace the tracks with a bus way for bus rapid transit and bus rapid transit has some features that are better than trains the buses can get off of the bus way and go to locations in the city where this high demand universities and so on whereas trains are stuck on the tracks so you need to take a bus to get from the train station to the bus terminal where you transfer to another bus that takes it to your destination with bart cut out some of those transfers and make what they call single seat ride there's a story about curry courtesy by that i read somewhere and i now forgetting where but i read this story about the mayor who decided he was going to be radical and just get rid of all the cars in the main part of downtown and he did it like overnight he just closed down the main avenue where all the cars are clogging the downtown and in order to enforce remind people they weren't supposed to drive there he got butcher paper and just cover the whole street with butcher paper and gave a bunch of kids crayons and markers and set them loose and so suddenly there was a human space where the cars used to be and i thought that was really gutsy and brilliant jaime lerner the then mayor of creech was very colorful down to earth interesting character in again and it was a very well liked by his people and he was elected i think he became governor of his state and after he was done big bear but yeah that is funny story so at for he knew he his motto is if you want to get it done do it fast so he did this thing over a three day weekend when they open it up the.

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