Aaron Bunny Lapin, Blue Jays, JAY discussed on Total Information AM Saturday


It's eleven minutes after seven o'clock, Saturday morning, the sky starting to lighten another day in America where we're going to celebrate today around this find land of ours. Now, if you sit tight I'll tell you doggone it. You already know about national bird day. We talked about the Alton eagle event today. Want to talk about the world bird sanctuary in just a few minutes. Make sure I tell you I love watching the birds as you know, the Blue Jays have now shown up in my feeders. And they are big dudes. Those are big birds we flew Jay's cardinals woodpeckers, and then all the little guys the finches and the. He's fun to watch fun to watch. I could write a movie about it in which case, I would be a screenwriter. It's national screenwriters day. It's also national whipped cream day. If you're thinking about having a little whip cream on your coffee, or maybe a high later on something like that today's the day because it falls on the birthday of ready whip founder Aaron bunny Lapin, he invented ready whip in nineteen forty eight. He was born on January fifth nineteen fourteen. Passed away in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine so we celebrate bunny Lapin today with national whipped cream day. Now, it's also put into this Twelfth Night. Of course, that's the twelfth day after Christmas. Now, that's when the officials.

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