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You at taking say, I know we couldn't do it in the World Cup. We will take over Europe. I mean, I don't really have anything to talk about these games gal, death Ray. I didn't watch either of these games, but. This is the shit group, so it was just move on to groupie. I don't. I really just just like, I see your, I love your note. Here is fucked this group. So. I all I had to say was supposed to be the group of death, not the stupidest group where like literally, none of these teams have any shot in hell to the advance past the round of sixteen group of dipped shifts. That's one of their you go. I like it. All right, thanks. All right group e. Ajax, I sorry. Sorry. Sorry, I x versus Athens a arcade at the. I mean, otherwise. Solve this, the volley that was, yeah, I can't pronounce that guy's name. Can you try it tagliatelle fica. All right, cool. That's. But yeah, that volley was wicked. That's the only thing I take away from this game was like nice. I think I XE putting three goals. I know it's like a t from Greece, but like I feel like I feel like they could come out like dominant performance. Maybe they come out second out this group take in like a at instead of benefit. What do you think that's that's basically what I think too, like benefit is a story team good team. But at the same time I can see this young team of acts, you know, beating them getting them getting to that second place spot. And I will say that basically, aka Athens won the Greek league this past year. So they're nothing to fuck with and benefit came in. Second, I think in the Portuguese. League behind Porto or vice versa. I can't ever remember, but basically all care. Yeah, right. Basically, all we know is that buyer Munich is gonna go through number one. Yeah, we wanted to that buyer with a dominant, viscous beneficial. Gut let it go ski with a goal, ten minutes in Renato Sanchez, mice back. Can we say his time Swansea really developed as a player? Can I can I say that if it makes you feel better like like, I'm, I can't believe he's back in playing in the Champions League, like what a fucking turnaround couldn't even get a bench spot on swans. But now he's playing in the Champions League with Byron, excuse me, something doesn't add up here. Yeah, I mean, maybe because he actually has talented around him now. That's true. Okay, that's that's very true. I, I'll talk facts facts. Just bidding booking facts. Poor small, Kevin, there's do they're coming up. They're coming back to the next year card is going to leave immediately. One Welsh team. It's, you know, the essay is ranked, so they need at least one Welsh team each year because it's just like, you know, they'll there's probably some braces of her. I don't know. Like I don't even know what they would call that. Like when English Welsh are like discriminate discriminating would just be discrimination. I think so. I think so. I mean, it's a like a locational racism. Is that a thing are discrimination by where you won't care, but isn't that real graphic discrimination, racism? I don't. I don't know. All right. What if we have anyone who's English, please hit us up on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, this is my quick plug. Atlanta's podcast.

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