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On several one of being. And I've been having this top myself a lot lately is that I. I want to make I want to make comedy that People Call Arts Yeah you know like and. I I, believe it is and. And I I wanted To. Elicit like laughter as I. Get a but I wanted to be an emotional response that is. People that this. Thoughtful. I think. Mary. Very few comics can do that. You know like. An I I do believe. There's a few people. I. Would I could list. And say, I, think like Like I think. Chapelle makes our with his comedy and I think. I think Maria. Does that? As Well I. I really think Louis did it for a while to despite all the stuff he? Has Done. Whatever you will think of him I. So I want to be able to do that too. And and that kind of leads the other version. The way I feel about this show is that. I hope this isn't. The only time I do it. You know like on a scale like this I. I don't WANT TO BE A. You know there's some bands that are great but they're only a one hit wonder. Like an I. Don't you know like I know like you guys know. Noticing this Guy Fieri like I know that's the first thing. Is Not that I'm not proud of it what I want you to be like you know his first one was great. But the second one was even like his second splash was bigger than the first her you know like there's more to it like. Them a fan of one eight wonders bands like. Who happened to be amazing and they just never Made a second sweatshop I. think that's part of it to visit I feel. Like I very job. I'm so happy I wrote it. So happy it's done so well and I get defensive of it. When? I see some guy. Literally stealing but it on Tiktok and get four hundred thousand views. which is a thing that happened like two weeks ago is. Re does the like he he he's Franck laying in a doorjamb on the ground and he's like kind of being skeptical. And like he doesn't. Lip Synch it. But he likes just does the whole business friends are laughing and I'm like duds the funniest. Doug. Edem within you know. I think the good thing is that joke is in the ether so much that. No one will think he would you know like if you like it's mind yeah. It's mine or whatever you don't like but he's like literally doing my shit and these people are like laughing at losing their minds and I'm like God. Damn. Like Fuck I. Think I kicked my chair over and over what? BUB. Yeah. So I I guess I have a lot of different emotions about the yeah What was guys response? Tenure responsive. I have each tweeted at me. Yeah. He tweeted at me and he had a little mean coral. And then he actually called me. I was on a flight and it was so funny i. AM In bunch for years, but I'd never been upgraded to first class. No literally got put in, for class. And he called me as the flight was pushing back. And is cool man because he colony I'd thought it was like in La number maybe it's somebody I work with or something. Like ashamed there who's calling NATO's guy and I'm like, ooh, does this Guy Fieri? fucking laugh like laughing really really loud and I was like what's up man? The Guy. Next to me was a suit and tie businessman drinking scotching. Oh. You. Oh Hey how orioles am good. He goes I just wanted to call and say thanks and I keep kicking ass and. We got a lot to talk about these Kami, at your flight lands and all this kind of stuff. Then I called him and he never got back to me I think the but it was cool. You don't like I. I sincerely appreciate that each he's I mean. The guys moving mountains all the time like with his businesses and that. Fundraising thing he did at the start of the pandemic for restaurant workers as a guy that busy. Calling me for three minutes. Just did some dumb wise crack is pretty pretty cool. Yeah. On this podcast Oswalt was on and I asked like I, do all my guess. Dog. That was a huge win for member. Let me ask the question. I asked him what is the? fucking. Shit. Yeah. Go ahead and I asked him what is the joke that he wished you could steal? You know not steal, but it's another dimension where everything's the same but you have this joke essentially, what is the joke you wish you wrote and then and patterns said this joke and then they had them back on the podcast I was like. Is there any other joke that you wish you wrote it goes? nope. Still. Shane Tours this Guy Fieri Joel. What? How. Does that? How does that make you feel? Blew me away man I. I know Padma. Little Bit. Now you know like we're friendly and I've open forum on a couple occasions stuff. I I hold him in such a really high regard like. Feeling. Kind of patent is one of the album's he put out I listened that all the time I was other one. lollipops. Yeah. There's one is out by remember I listen..

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