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These back with you now because when it comes to the fight for the truth body never stops the siege of malta or by when i laugh last left the story we had seen on the island of malta a massive struggle between the nights of saint john the nights hospital or versus the ottoman turks who had landed an invasion force of about forty or fifty thousand in an effort to take this critical fortress in the middle of mediterranean which was going to be the a way point a beachhead if you will for a massive assault into the heart of europe itself and when i left the story with you you has the forces of the ottoman turks and the salt in his right hand mustafa pasha and biala pasha the admiral had managed to take saint elbow afford that had held out well beyond anyone's expectations uh back in the summer of fifteen 65 i told me the story last week because that was the week of the end of the siege and we're now going to get to the end of the siege itself so they took they took saint elmo after voroshyev is that lasted four weeks and seemed to be endless and then there was that infamous historical episode where the ottoman turks be headed the captives that they had those that they had captured including some of the dead that they found in saint elmo and floated the bodies across to the remaining forts in the grand harm are harbor of malta and they had cut off the heads that put them on crosses their floated them over and then villette in an active retribution executed his turkish soldiers and fire are executed turkish captives and fired their heads across the grand harbour so this entered the final stage because by taking fort st elmo now the grand harbour the the prize of malta was open for invasion and you have two major fortresses on outcroppings on peninsulas in the harbours sing glare and burgu and on them foreseen angelo on burgu and on singlea a you heard the 4 of saint michael's so all of the ottoman forces were are expected to be concentrated in the.

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