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Zero zero eight three seven four six twenty three KNX. Say, police officer from Placentia and some paramedics from, brea the fire department saved the life of three year old boy he was choking apparently, on a chicken nugget yesterday in a parking lot. When they, helped him took him to the, hospital second time in a couple of days local cops have helped child LA county sheriff's. Deputies in Lakewood the other night revived baby boy who stop breathing Requested Disney's the, Anaheim city councillors voted to cancel the deals with the resort that was offering some. Tax incentives they were part, of, the, district, plan to build a new luxury hotel and expand the theme park. Mayor Tom Tate telling the time she was. Very surprised by the request an initiative on the November ballot would require. A certain businesses getting subsidies debate workers a living wage six twenty three KNX detectives in Norwalk are looking into whether to violent home invasions might be related a couple. Of guys went into. A home yesterday, on, lar-, win, road they attacked a man there and bound, and blindfolded him. Before tearing up the place about a half, hour, earlier, one, man, entered a home on all of St. and punched a woman before struggling with her and leaving Glendale police have released images of. A, man that they want to question what is recording the man touching himself inappropriately near a child's splash play area at the. Pacific park this Friday he was apparently, talking on a cell phone at the time scanning the park. He drove off in a dark-colored twenty eighteen Camry Oh my gosh Adam locker center this morning now they're talking about. This being in effect for four hours this is the east to ten before the two couple of rigs crashed. Into each other there's an oil spill most of the freeway is. Shutdown only the left lane getting by checking on that plus you drive on the one thirty four Glendale the. Burbank with our.

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