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The move to end the subsidies was praised by speaker of the house paul ryan who issued a statement saying obamacare's proven itself to be a fatally flawed law and the house will continue to work with the trump administration to provide the american people a better system but democratic leader nancy pelosi and chuck schumer condemned of the move saying it is a spiteful active vast pointless sabotaged now millions of hardworking american families will suffer just because president trump wants them to the president also deciding the fate of the iran nuclear deal brokered by the obama administration importantly saran is not living up to this spirit of the deal president trump not killing the iran agreement outright but decertifying the deal and like with healthcare leaving enough to congress to figure it out abc's karen travers at the white house in explain says interm says he'll decertify the iran nuclear d l a decision that leaves in place the obama era agreement but prints the congress the decision of what to do next we will not continue down a path clues predictable conclusion is more violence more tara and the very real threat of iran's nuclear play casc lawmakers now at the decide whether to reimpose sanctions on iran but for now there seems to be little desiring congress to do that karen travers abc news the white house the trump administration is pulling out of the un cultural organisation unesco abc's tom rivers with more from the foreign desk loud the trump administration has been preparing for a likely withdrawal for months the timing of the state department statement was unexpected embarrass unesco directorgeneral arena buckle the united states is a founding member of the the whole idea that you can build peace so education science culture communication that is sad pace than idea trump administration contends the un organisation has an anti israel bias tom rivers abc news at the foreign desk don't believe everything you here i'm not quit today i don't believe and i just talked.

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