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To pass Gladwin great news on ninety five hardly a problem at all near Girard but it does slow again as you approach the **** coats the Commodore Barry bridge it is slow as well northbound approaching the Commodore Barry rain could be causing this to and then on the AC expressway approaching Berlin cross keys road slow with work invites you inside to beat the heat with three hundred jeeps cheap on sale zero down you're driving around during Barbera summer of jeep zero down you're driving around is Barbara the best boy I guess beat the heat in a barbaric jeep drive around with zero down in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm Steve the CBS three eyewitness weather forecast now meteorologist Katie failing has it and he's still the main story with excessive heat warnings and watches posted a region wide through the weekend our daytime highs in the low nineties feels more like a hundred today watch for a few scattered late day showers or storms the overnight low seventy six tomorrow up to ninety seven one hundred even on Saturday and up to ninety nine on Sunday all three of these days feel like they're at least at a hundred and five meanwhile by Monday we'll had a high of eighty eight refreshing by comparison but there may once more be a few showers or storms right now eighty seven degrees under mostly cloudy sky at the broadcast center in spring garden reaching for ninety one it already feels like it's one hundred two in center city this check on Wall Street is sponsored by crash proof retirement avoid the crash of tomorrow without missing the returns of today is it crash proof retirement dot com Dow is down seventy two points nasdaq losing twenty five S. and P. five hundred off one listen anytime anywhere get the radio dot com that W. to your favorite good afternoon ninety and bush Clinton client is at the end of your desk along with Dan mica three things to know at one fifteen four of every ten doctors in clinical workers at Drexel University will be laid off Rachael blaming it on the closing of Hahnemann hospital its main teaching hospital number two parts of lower Merion Radnor hardest hit by last night's storms knocking down some big tree limbs and power lines closing streets killing traffic lights more storms in the forecast today and this third thing the federal.

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