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For me do you do that on detroiters is it the same concept chartered we write it ourselves you know so like all that improv kind of happens throughout yes that kinda happens like in because we're in the writer's room or in front of computers just like doing those same beats and like making it sound like us some real kind of working those things until it's exactly right for us you know that's kind of a helpful collaborative style that we learned through sketch and through second city training for you to have a show right now that's going to season two on comedy central along with all the other projects that you're working on to have it be a love letter to the city that you're from and also have this moment in your career where you can you can work on the projects that you want to work on what does that mean to you what does it mean to you as a as a comedian is a kid who came up through chicago and went through the second city and earn in this position you're in now what's it mean i really like like stop at mike realizes real 'cause it's it's such a best case scenario that i am just so incredibly lucky and like stop every now and then it'd be like okay you've been there don't spend your whole day just in awe of how amazing it is kinda get to do it so like every day i i like wake up like so excited because it's what i love to do as well so it's not like i if i get to do it not that i have to do it you know what i made and would kim and i used to when we were in chicago both both of us lane station on touring company we should say every day wouldn't it be great to go back to detroit but wouldn't it be great to go back to detroit with something this on that level doing like comedy with a comedy about detroit i still can't get over it soon a literally a dream come true sam richardson the former second city star who now is the co star of detroiters with tim robinson was season two starts this weekend comedy central also of course hbo's veep which also should be coming up next year and also new youtube red project with adam pally which was just announced congratulations on that sam thanks thanks so much for taking some time out and talking to us today we really appreciate it thank you thank you so much for talking with me a absolute pleasure.

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