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It's about time. But I just wish they would keep it as the tappan Zee bridge as opposed to the Cuomo bridge all always call, and I'm sure a lot of. People don't know anyone that refers to it as the Mario Cuomo brick. I haven't heard anybody say what was the old bridge wasn't at the mouth. Now. Gum wilson. Did anyone call it? Not the Muslim no not really change your back Tappin Zee the name dominates conversations, not the smooth ride wider lanes or shoulders another controversy the delayed opening engineers postponed. The switch to the second span for fear that part of the old bridge could collapse and hit the new structure gubernatorial candidate, Cynthia Nixon accused governor Cuomo of jeopardizing safety by pushing for the ribbon cutting the head of the primary. The governor rejects that apparently all the sound the old tap is not falling down in Tarrytown. Sean Adams WCBS NewsRadio eight hundred high on the storm. Now the latest from WCBS at eleven five Carolina's bracing for hurricane Florence the category. Four storm is expected to intensify before making landfall early Friday. A team of Red Cross employees and volunteers from our areas headed south to try to help out Marla diamond with their story. The team of twenty two local Red Cross volunteers and employees is headed to Raleigh Durham to help set up. Evacuation shelters and provide medical assistance, Debbie Hayden, a registered nurse from garden city is a veteran of twenty disasters including hurricanes. Irene and sandy. I'll never forget either. One of those. I think we've come a long way in both of those hurricanes people arrive completely unprepared. People in the Carolinas have been evacuating for days now, but still some we'll stay behind yesterday on nine eleven a team of emergency responders that make up FEMA urban search and rescue New York task force one deployed to North Carolina. The team is bringing eight water rescue boats and materials to help retrieve people from collapsed structures or confined spaces Marla diamond W. CBS News Radio eight eighty Manhattan DA Cy Vance is in Manhattan criminal court this morning asking for the dismissal of more than three thousand marijuana cases. Dating back to the late seventies. The dismissal eliminates consequences of violation and misdemeanor warrants for thousands of New Yorkers caught with marijuana last week. A similar plan was announced in Brooklyn to erase tens of thousands of low level marijuana cases. The results of tomorrow's primary may not match up with the campaign ads. We've been seeing Steve burns looks at the possibility of an interesting outcome. Wants the ballots are counted candidates running for governor have their running mates governor Cuomo's running with Lieutenant governor Kathy Hokuto, Cynthia Nixon is running with city council member Jimani Williams, but voters are under no obligation to obey those pairings. I do think. Absolutely. We may see a Cuomo Williams ticket. I think it's going to be one of the most interesting things to watch for on Thursday. I own a college political scientist, gene. Zano says that could up end state politics, as we know it may see Williams if he disagrees with the governor on a key issue speak out about that Williams is trailing Khokhlov in. Recent polling by a much smaller margin than Nixon's behind Cuomo Williams also benefits from name recognition in the city. Well, Toko hails from the buffalo area. Zeno says the Lieutenant job is what the office holder makes it important job. And I think that's where you know, the personality and the times really matter Cuomo's father found himself in this exact situation in nineteen eighty three when Al Del Bello one the number two job del Bello resigned. Two years later saying Mary Cuomo didn't give them anything to do..

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