Sony, Ohio, Apple discussed on The Wheeler Walker Jr. Podcast - Episode 6 - Luke Combs


Which which i love the video by the way uh thanks do thanks appreciate the ad that's a that's a you know that the difference when sony i guess and thirty tires is porn hub versus the number one single so you're is it is it we're driving around here in your song on the radio yeah manpower weird you know you don't really ever get used to it hey i i ain't got used to exist never happen but i was gonna ask my mom my main question for you is kind of like what water who your influences what kind of music is to growing up ma'am i my parents look everything about my dad's from ohio so it's favorite so let's apple and stuff like that but when i when i was growing up in the first stuff i was like skill brooks and dunn and stuff like that the person we have been skills is kind underrated i think he's pretty good and i saw duty ricky ricky skaggs his plane operated nine i thought about go on may i love ricky skaggs he could go let equalised last lifetime opportunity operatives so no way i'll take about down so who who out there right now do you like manohla i'm bigger hold on you love you you just cut out cut out but i'm a big eric church yes on his show the other night he played bridgestone throat and the game yoda he and they gave me a ticket which was cool alumina.

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