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Already picked one out. It has peter cushing. Joe my god so does my movie. Oh my gosh. That weird. Ain't that simon peter cushing or john kerry diener both peter cushing. No john kerry allen my god that would be that'd be fucking great okay Our is so. I'm not gonna look at that anymore so i can keep it a surprise when you tell me what next innings movie is love at that. The zombie on the front has a boat in his hands. Is that a toy that a little kid. Just kind of mama fireboat so brooke adams was also in man on okay okay and this is a scott glen movie. That sounds like another movie. It reads a former cia agent. John chrissy is higher degrees john. Chris the guy from karate kid. Yeah it's sean crease. And john crease. C okay is hired as a bodyguard for a girl in italy who becomes a daughter. He comes oh. I thought you put a period on. That's becomes a daughter that he'd never had when she's abducted. Crises fiery rage unleashed despite being badly wounded. Embarks on a bloody revenge spree and barks like he barks and barks are crease and karate. Kid is k. R. e. e. s. e. Okay this is cr a s. y. o. k. Like it is a crease like in your pants right or his space because it talked scott glen here oh man they said don't fold spindle or mutilate. Did they did all three a. How do you do that. How do lanson have people like that. Who do we got so far. Stephen magaji hattie. Lance henriksen right. Same person may be separated birth. You decide he's got scott win I wanna crease my face. We need a lot of irons for these guys. We need to yes do those outrace starch man on fire also has joe patchy joey. The fish Danny danny the danny the fish danny fish jonathan price. I thought i knew him. Yeah he's from. And i may oh. He was high sparrow engaging rooms. That's why that's why i know his face. yeah. I know him from brazil and Once the one with whoopi goldberg jumping. Jack flash. It's a gas gas gas. When i tell you i've seen jumping jack. Flash one thousand times her fake typing on that keyboard. At least she was a nunciature eating what she was typing. How did she type with all those scarves. Like a million scarves on her when she finally figured out. I mean that whole be flat on my that. She was trying to figure out with jumping. Jack flash song. Yeah i have seen that too many times as well see i just said i've seen it a million and you. Are you know way more about at the. I did not remember any of that stuff will be flat. Was the code. Unlock where you know dog needs umbrella. I forgot that that was like a movie. Now hold on a second. If that was a ninety six are they doing that on computers. That was eighty six. When i say ninety six yeah yeah phase. Sorry i was looking right at it when jumping jack flash actually reads on american computer wiz. Okay who works at the new york bank is suddenly thrust into a your The world of international espionage after she inadvertently receives a coded message from british by a message and message. Just i got british there for a second. Oh man this is a ton of people in it carro. Cain annie potts. John would who i know from lady hawke. He's the evil Archbishop or whatever Phil hartmann john. Lewis shit right anyway. Eight and directed by penny marshall..

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