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Dona Maria's grandson was brutally murdered. He was shot and the vehicle that he was driving was set ablaze. Melting off whole parts of his body. His death marked one of roughly 7000 homicides in on the bus that here and we should say Honduras is a pretty small country. Yes, 0 7000 is a big number. Yeah, it's about the size of Louisiana. And as the family made arrangements for his funeral, they also mapped out their escape. They sometimes received threats to their lives and well being, which they'd previously pushed aside. But now those threats no longer felt hollow. Tony Amalia and the family made their way first to the capital, and Nora's then north to Mexico and then finally to the United States. They wanted to be here first, so that they could set up for the others who were still on their way. A few weeks later, the girl, her brother, another ant and a cousin arrived at the border. And the girl and her brother are separated from that aunt and cousin pretty much right away. This isn't uncommon. In fact, it's standard practice to separate any child from an adult who isn't their birth mother or their birth father. Did. Immigration officials keep the kids together, though at first Yes, the two kids were shuffled around together first to foster care in Oregon and then to foster care in Massachusetts. The girl had a really tough time being away from her family. And it kept getting worse. The longer she was in The brother and the sister would call Dona Amalia from time to time and tell them how they were doing a Nina See they were soulless little Tony Amalia here. She was telling me the girl. Yeah, she'd hit herself. She cut herself with knives. Body of bass is not on Luna. Everybody up. Steady and they kept putting her in the hospital. She told me a lot of times, not just once, lots of times, and so I asked her what kind of hospital and she said, Who knows if it would feel a little bit more a little bit. She hit herself. She hit herself with something sharp. She told me like one of those, So she was pointing at the wall, and I asked her. Do you mean the wall? And she said Yes, like the wall and from there We never knew anything else about her. Nothing. Nothing at all. Does the family know why she was hurting herself? They told me that she had never harmed herself before coming to the United States. One family members says that the girl got the idea that if she hurt herself, she'd get attention and they release her back to her family. Up to this point. The brother and sister or together and US policy is to release minors to their family members or a suitable sponsor. Do.

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