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All right. The Markley advan camp show. Jamie markley. That's David van camp. Why said it was not a great idea? Oh, the horseface thing. So. Yeah. Trump calls. Stormy Daniels horseface on Twitter, and yeah. Looking up at the TV monitors. It's war on women. It's all that stuff. And yeah, it's predictable. But it's also bring it back Carly Fiorina. Oh. Which I thought she handled. Really, well, if you remember that there was was it Rolling Stone or the Daily Beast one of them had this story about Trump Carly Fiorina during the primary. And saying look at that face could you vote for that face. Right. And I thought she handled it really well. Because the next ad was a stroke of genius where it was featuring a lot of women in professional settings a lot of young women as well in school, right? And saying look at that face and all this, and I thought Carly Fiorina did a great job. It wasn't panic. It wasn't hand-wringing. It's not saying, can you believe how bad Donald Trump is? It was about empowerment. But what it's used for his fuel. It's like see how he abusive toward women and going after their looks and all of that stuff. Yeah. You know it. That's why I'm like, okay. Yell out of all my cash kind of laugh. Is it helpful? That's all I'm asking. I know you're not to hurt just asking if a tough. That's all reads back in the news. That can't be good. No. It can't terror read was booted off a flight from LA to New York apparently became belligerent after she was given the wrong seat didn't get a pillow either until she was very angry. According to TMZ she wanted a window seat. You didn't get a window seat? Then she wanted a pillow didn't get pillow. The plane was taxiing when all this was going down wind up going back to the gate, and she was escort it off. I'm now, listen, I know she's not an eight Lister. She's not going first class. That was the surprising thing to me is that it looked like at best economy. Plus, and I'm thinking, jeez. Fall from grace. Maybe she just wants to save some money. That's good. Okay. But I mean, you can't be demanding a seat. Hey, I'm Tara Reid. Well, then go first class. So yeah, there's this video of course, because this is the world we live in flight attendant was seen talking to her telling her she have to gather all our belongings. So she got her bags in a little dog that she had with her. Walked off the plane. She didn't really put up much of a fight when she was going off. But apparently it got a little rough when she was interacting with the flight attendant tough times for recently. Meaning what the last ten years? Maybe fifteen. That's that's why I keep saying I just I want to have a ranch where we can take former child stars or pop stars. And they can just go like gross girls. Soybeans or something like that. And just get away get away from all this pop culture nonsense. Because that would save them. Maybe. Are you gonna play the audio of her all this was on Australia's today show just a couple of months ago? Remember was a disaster guys. Honesty.

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