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Well we have already fourteen lab them as your basketball dumdum there gordana leinna these foul reaching foul call against legal state that's going to go on high smith as his fourth man i think we're going to get didn't meet some new guys away these vows going for cleveland state well michigan state's been tried to empty their bench and the problem is when their bench is better than cleaved say starters saw no shadow the fao yes you as a ball in its have court set for the ball on the sidelines british drives the baseline and traffic it's a to ram a travel of the guys on cleveland is later dan ice crossover move on a baseline that's hardest hard to do and he's got eleven points oprah miles bridges again is a double digits this time for the twelve th time this season which is about every game is played in the doubledigits ever gable one three thirty nine left in this where michigan state 75 cleveland state third it with it right now with the basketball highsmith three on the track arjun frequent state harrison gets it on the side fires an airball 3point range rebound miles bridges here's comes tom it's rolling out its bridges fact tom he wants to drive down well but cannot it's a real bring it back fifteen of the shark thirteen twelve weapon one of the most one sided games we have seen in quite a while grade move the ball at the elbow categories we get sick that's his first shot of the game two of the game pretty jump shot from fifteen feet thereby kenny gone ganic goings has been playing loose.

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