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Never every single iteration. There are people out there who are findable bothers him and the thing is is that it's a process that they're they're continually trying to improve. But when you look you look back. The stakes are glaring. But they weren't so much time. I mean one of my favorite little guilty pleasure. Type movies is remo williams. The adventure begins. fred ward. Show who was played by joel grey in makeup. Yeah ok you know now looking back at that you have to go like could you not have at least higher james hong or something. Who was you know you would have been available at the time. Right is the fee to arts won't is always. They aren't good enough for that. Was the best actor are we all. We don't see skin color. We don't see we don't know every all those people that's the fire. There was another Incident earlier on that Really showcased the need for diversity in filmmaking and that's a monster hunter world yes. There was What turns out to be a racist joke in it. Nobody realized it was racist. But when it hit china there it caused a massive massive backlash to the point where they removed it out of the out of the movie right so all they needed was somebody who would have been able to look at it and go Yeah we can't put that in. Especially nowadays like i can understand thirty years ago or so. They're like oh we don't have translation or we don't get it nowadays google. That's the thing is that actually. I mean yes. I agree that that now is better than but even then there was no excuse right. I mean i know we always say oh. It's actually because we're in comics. Actually portray a block superhero as being the main hero. Right i have to say oh makes it was no it was illegal you could not portray a blanket uber euro as the main guy which is why when you see like a falkand originally in his story he's a huddle because they couldn't have them as i mean i'm not agreeing to those right just sort of really stupid that they did this right. It was like that's why like me. Catherine erica block. I wouldn't care or asian. who cares. it's the fact that the character should still be can america. But that's that's comic books have actually been yes. There was during the golden age and silver age. There was a lot of restrictions about what they show in that kind of but they were pushing the envelope. Well before right side all star but also also all of the gender switches all of the. Can you see mayo. Having having wall leads to act the we and amazing and wonderful with bondage issues. Well i mean there's nothing is ever perfect really whereas you know. Tv and movies are much slower to adopt. Because you to those again that same thing that argument everyone says which is you need a big name. It's the best actor blah blah blah. All this kind of stuff. But that's the one of the nice things about this sort of breakout of of internet culture which there are not many nice things about it but one thing i think is good. I was gonna say because superman right. Christopher royal an unknown me tongue money. So it's you don't you could. You don't need it. It's pretty these kinds of movies. Now like the the bigger the i mean and you can see it right now. They're putting out ten star wars movies and like whatever five thousand level marvel. There's no room for anything new or interesting or having different different people or different character to different after tell different stories even and so we need. If you spend all this money you need to then make a huge amount of money on in return and then it makes them even more cautious. Which means you didn't make name star people to go. Sag anything about the controversy. The whole okay was. I've read the mind though in the manga. She is not looking asian. Either but that doesn't matter that's my right eye and that they're like oh. She's not japanese like kim. It was they said we have to. We have to make a big name star here because otherwise no one cares about this obscure Japanese mega right. Like that was the sort of idea. But the thing is. I was gonna say because the main guy they had for the boss of the whole organization. He never spotted wish. L. is also takashi. I love i got there. He never spoke english once the entire movie right so but yeah no. It's just like. I said. I was stirring the pot on purpose to get a good discussion going all and having a section three into the problem with doing a segment three with this much stuff in news and rumors and all of our talk about our our segment. One is that we were run dangerously low on time and it's it's already been well over two hours for this recording. So why don't we call it here and say thank you for joining us brother episode of the podcast and We'll see you next time. Say nothing beats. John wayne plane. Gingas kahn for An appropriate what was awful and the past is the evil past but still. We should've known better than and we should know better now. That's that's just like charlie chan and all the asian villains to peter sellars. Unfortunately it's if you go back in time and it's tough. It's hard to find anyone who cut their noses. Clean has a big a fan. As i am afraid. Stare guy did perform blackface so so that was a standard advil kind of act at the time though i know but now but anyways This was a anyway. Thank you for joining us for another episode of the based podcast. And we'll see next time by everyone. I thank you for joining us for another episode of the out of base podcast. We'd like to thank radio. Free music for our intro and ultra music. Both songs were done by an amazing artist named silent partner. The intro music is called drop enroll and the tra music is called grad navy plaza. And we'll have links to both those songs in our show notes if you liked what you heard and wishes or the show pleaseconsider becoming a background we can be found at patriot. 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