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The last time beverly was saying alive was at were cone cheese day. July. Seventeen. She hadn't mentioned anything to call eggs about going away on a trip. That evening she phoned a friend I chat die had every Tuesday. The next by her employers received the coal from someone they believed to be beverly styding that she was on well and wouldn't becoming in. An examination of Beverly's condo failed to uncover blood or any suspicious fingerprints, fathers or has. There was no sign of a struggle having taken place. The farewell letters to her family were puzzling as they were in beverly's handwriting. There was no sign that they had been coerced. Yet, they ended with the words Goodbye Bev. Her. Sibling. said that beverly would typically saw enough letters by simply rotting her name. They had no explanation as to who would harm beverly old why? She was quiet independent and mostly kept to herself. She loved and doted on her nephews and they depended on her. She wasn't wealthy and she didn't have any problematic relationships. Devils life had been marred by tragedy. At the two boyfriends were killed in separate car accidents. She started dating again to move Vaughan but would end relationships when they became serious. Stave. Elida heard rumors of he sister exploring her sexuality during her early Thirties. Hey described her as someone who traveled to the Bait of a different drama and believed she was only about looking for love. Despite her traumatic past stave was clear that Beverley had recently bane at her most conten-. He did report one concerning incident. Awake before beverly disappeared, she told stave about an unsettling message left on her answering machine. She didn't recognize the male colas voice. Hey was recorded saying. On No way, you'd live and dot com white for us to bay together. Troubled by the message, beverly took her answering machine into work and played it to her colleagues. Curiously the machine was missing from Beverly's abandoned Condo. Beverly valued her privacy, but working two jobs wasn't enough to pay off her mortgage. To supplement her income, she rented out her spare bedroom on two previous occasions. Neither roommate worked out in the long run. The first a woman named Brenda had clashed with Beverly, I've. Aloft. Stall. Differences. Shay was replaced by a man named George. Beverly locked. George. But Hey, left off the several months to get his own place. But Brenda and George were questioned in relation to beverly's Moda but were ruled out as suspects. Investigators also spoke with a painter named mark who lived in Beverly apartment. Complex. The pair had struck up a close friendship and caught up for dinner several nights awake. Mark was adamant that he would never Beverly. Hey. said he was out of town at the time of the murder preparing for a gallery exhibition. He's Ella checked out and mark to was ruled out. He said he had spoken to beverly two days before she disappeared. Mark. Cold to ask if she wanted to have dinner with him that not. Beverly typically accepted spontaneous plans but not on this occasion. Shave rejected Mark Safa explaining that she was going to spend the time with a potential new roommate named Dallas. In early July law beverly told several acquaintances that she'd placed an advertisement for a new roommate in the Fort Lauderdale sun-sentinel newspaper. Applications came through and beverly interviewed several candidates in the wake prior to her murder. When searching her time investigators found a notepad with the list of applicants details. H. Entry fidget a full name, a phone number and an appointment on to view the conduct. There was one exception. One tree only included a first name. It read. Alice Tuesday seeks thirty. Automating Alice Beverly spoke about her enthusiastically to others. She was from London was well dressed drove an impressive car and worked for the multinational technology company IBM. Alice was moving to the area because she had been placed on temporary work judy at the company's Fort Lauderdale Office. Beverly chose Alice as her new roommate. She told a friend that Alice was moving in around. Fraud July twenty. Beverly's brought us. They also knew about Alice. Although he hadn't met her beverly reassured him that she was trustworthy. Beverly, was not the taught to bay suspicious of others and gave everyone she met the benefit of the Dow. Beverly also mentioned that Alice had introduced her to numerology. All of this belief assign numerical values to letters, names, and birthdates. They used these values to calculate when certain events Monica occur for an individual. Allah software to predict Beverly's future using numerology and created a rudimentary chart for her. To complete it, alice required a various numbers significant to beverly's life. Beverly reportedly supplied them. Die included her birthday as well as her social security passport and to draw as Lawson's numbers. Alice attained that beverly would've made a man. She would marry at the age of forty and would come in to great wealth. She'll so provided a warning. There was a man and a woman in Beverly's life who would going to deceive and hurt her. Overall Beverly was pleased by Alice's predictions and shared them with some of her friends. Alice's full identity remained a mystery. Beverly hadn't kept to not of anything other than her first the name. Though the more there was no evidence indicating that Alice had moved in or Raven visited Beverly's Condo. Investigators reached out to why began and told that the company had no English. Working in the South Florida area. They didn't even have.

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