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Traffic from the gallery furniture made in America studios kids and guns and may not be a good mix Scott Gregory to noon on mystery of sudden forty K. T. R. H. traffic weather together here's Julie hardy where things slow traffic on the inbound side a sixteen on the southwest as you come into six ten the west loop that's where it is it's that construction zone and it's backed up a couple minutes worth and then we have some slow traffic if you're trying to travel on business one forty sixty the Baytown area and trying to get to either direction basically right around ninety nine but mostly on the outbound side I'm Julie hardy in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center big complex of storms up in northeast Texas drifting southeast headed towards Houston rainy or stormy afternoon with the flash flooding threat and the storm prediction center's put us at risk for severe weather to this complex of storms moves our way where the low nineties this afternoon with before the storms arrive and widespread rains and storms this afternoon tonight and Wednesday mid seventies tonight and eighties tomorrow I'm meteorologist Scott Lori Moore at the weather channel eighty three in Conroe eighty eight at the KT Rej top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center twelve a one or top story Houston police chief art Acevedo says a shooting outside the south east substation last night was unintentional says it appears some young men were trying to impress a pair of teenage babysitters they pick by firing an automatic weapon into a wooded area parents make sure you know who you're basing your five year old a five year old is being babysat by two fifteen year olds who decide to go to twenty nineteen all the naked forty seven to go shoot and works in a.

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