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From the left and the very behavior that they pretended to criticize they put it on steroids and emulating it. So, you know, they said, well, we don't like the some of the behavior of the president during the campaign, but you've taken it to another level, and you'll promulgating it you're out of Cleveland, Ohio. Okay. You're a an African American conservative. You took a lot of heat for supporting Donald Trump. Now that the results are in. And we're seeing all of these jobs being created for the people look at that picture over there. That's the forgotten men and women of America. That's what that's what twenty sixteen was about. For me. The thirteen million more Americans on food stamps, the eight million more in poverty. Eight million fewer people in poverty, and on food stamps. We have or hundred thousand manufacturing jobs that Obama said we're never coming back will the president get credit when you break down votes, demographically with the black community because they've never doing better. They've never done better. Thank god. He's going to get the votes, you know, and I think the left is authoritarian by nature can their economic coercion can lead to clinical coercion. And that's where they are. And I think the left is losing it because they don't have any ideas that worked and they don't have any proposal. So they're frustrated, and they resort to identity, politics and changing the rules, and this identity politics dividing people on the basis of race and gender. Is every four two and four years. It's the same thing rich versus poor old versus young black versus white Republicans racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. They want dirty air water. They wanna kill children and grandma pro over the cliff, but also hold on ice cap, and they want the polar ice cap melted. Sean, they want to change the rule they want to balance the electoral college, they want to pack. The supreme court they abuse executive authority. They want to abuse the impeachment process just to impeach Trump encountered serious. There's no impeachable offenses and on down the line to spend due process. Oppose voter ID, promote open borders. Everything is anti democratic with a low d with a small and yet they claim we're the ones who are anti democratic stay right there. We'll take a break. More with pastor Scott, his partner Kareem is with us. I have no idea what his last name is David Limbaugh. Who's who Jesus is.

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