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Story is one in which special agent in charge J. Abbott and his subordinates did not want you to hear. And it's time that I tell you. The killer Maroni and other USA gymnasts on Capitol Hill yesterday. Testifying about there being abused once by Larry Nassar. Twice. By the FBI. And then I would say by the lack of coverage of the biased press three times Your thoughts. 880 w b a p 828 9227 Let's go to Mali up in Graham, Texas eight. Molly, What do you say? Hi, Chris. I will have this number saved on my phone forever because I was yelling at the radio saying I'm trying to call I'm trying to call I'm also going to try and speak as clearly as I possibly can. Because I am living. Ever since Afghanistan. No, that's a lie ever since. The state of California. Brought to the Senate Bill s C 384, where sex offenders are no longer required to register. At a certain point. I kept my eyes open. We have videos coming up with school boards. All around the court systems where pedophilia books are being introduced to kindergarteners. Preschoolers. First graders second graders. This is not by accident. In any way, shape or form. I believe what's happening right now. It's similar to what Hitler did was his youth. How do you get people to not care? How do you get people to follow in line? You start with the young. Babies with the Children. I'm going to take a deep breath. Sexual abuse. Really messes up a child. When you have Children who are messed up and they grow up. They grow up to be messed up adults. I don't think any of this by accident. I think this is exactly what they want. The fact that the FBI did nothing is It is all the evidence I need. They are doing this on purpose. They want us to be sheet forever. I'm having a seriously hard time sending my son to school because I'm seeing all of this. And what am I doing? Well, I'm waking up in the morning and sending my son to school. None of this is by accident in any way, shape or form. And likely you might be sitting into a school that is breaking Texas law. You might be sending them to an SD that is saying, Oh, yeah, the laws don't apply to us. Same with the FBI did. Mhm. Absolutely. So I'm I'm so proud of Simone Biles and these girls standing up. I Tremendous. Um, I am so proud of them for speaking up, and I don't blame someone else for backing out because why would you want to represent a country that is seriously? Seriously damaging everything that we stand for. Can you imagine the strength it took for her? To go represent Over in communist China, ironically enough Um, to go represent Or was it Japan? Remember which one she was competing either way she to go over. To represent this country, a country that was represented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Socialist Democrats who put that bureau together under its new leadership. Um To know that she was abandoned by the very country that she was over there representing but strength it took for her to even show up. She is. She is incredible. It really and truly she is incredible. And and like I said, none of this is by accident. Um Hunter, Biden, uh, There have been pictures floating around of hands half naked with Children. I I I'm flabbergasted that Parents all across the U. S. Are not standing up harder because this is This is a serious black in the face of we don't care. Like I said, axis of evil. You've got the you got the deep state. You've got the socialist Democrat Party and the press. Thank you very much lady. Appreciate the call. Telephone number is 800 to 8 A W b A P. We go to Dallas next. Roy. Welcome to the personnel say does show what do you say? Up. Okay. Um, terrible Thought. Go ahead, sir. Yes, sir. And The deep state goes all the way back when Trump was president, and he was not gonna tolerate, uh, the Exploitation of Children. Think about Jeffrey Epstein and Epstein's island. Where Many politicians and judges were having their way with younger Children. What about Harvey Weinstein? Exactly what about what about Harvey Weinstein? It took the New Yorker to publish a story that was spiked by NBC News. And why was it Harvey Weinstein reported on for his exploitation of women? Because he was a Democrat donor. And that's why the majority the press steered away from it. Same thing with Epstein. By the way before you go on, Roy, listen to this. This is Amy Rohrbach. And a leaked video. From ABC News. She had the Epstein story. Listen to this. I've had the story for three years. I've had this interview with Virginia Roberts..

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