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Amelia okay I guess so we've lost a million let's see if we can get her over here after a beautiful day today were in for a pleasant evening temperatures during the evening hours in the seventies lows tonight in the low to mid sixties this study come cloudy overnight for tomorrow there's the chance for showers and sprinkles otherwise mostly cloudy and warm highs tomorrow in the mid seventies to low eighties and feeling a bit humid out there tomorrow we're really noticing the humidity on Thursday as well as Friday with some rain at times both days maybe even a few rumbles of thunder around there could have some heavy rain especially on Friday otherwise plenty of clouds on Thursday we warm to around eighty degrees highs Friday warm into the low to mid eighties but when you factor in the humidity it feels more like ninety some scattered showers possible on Saturday mid seventies to low eighties Sunday is looking gorgeous plenty of sun low humidity and low to mid seventies and storm team four meteorologist Emily draper well we do have a gorgeous evening going with sunny skies and some spots a few clouds but we will take what we've got tonight's we're sitting at eighty one degrees northwest DC six eleven here on WTOP it was a violent holiday in the district four people are dead in a series of shootings over the Memorial Day weekend among the victims seventy one year old Sheila Lucas who previously worked as an assistant nurse here's DC police chief Peter Newsham she tragically lost her life trying to break up a dispute that involved one of her granddaughters there was a second victim from this incident an adult male that sustained non life threatening injuries as a result of a gunshot wound a four year old girls also fighting for her life in a local hospital after being found with a gunshot wound last night police believe that another child accidentally shot the young girl many families been left to deal with the loss of a loved one during the virus pandemic now hospice care provider has launched the first nationwide hotline focused on helping people recover emotionally the V. PTAS grief hot line launches today its focus will be on people deal with a loss and health care workers in need of support Dr Joseph shaker and we start talking about how different this type of losses.

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