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Fine. The Twenty-three-year-old also faces. Three years of deferred probation. But he does not have to register as a sex offender, and there are many people who are worried about the message that this punishment sense. Jacob Anderson had little to say as he left a Waco courthouse Monday. After being spared prison time, despite being indicted on four counts of sexual assault. His alleged victim told police in two thousand sixteen the former Baylor fraternity president repeatedly raped they're at an off campus house party where alcohol was served. She says he gagged and choked her until she lost consciousness following Monday's plea agreement. The woman known as domino addressed the judge in court. I am devastated by your decision. He stole my virginity and power over my body. And you let him keep it for all do the women on campus. Talk about this. Baylor graduate student Aaron Alvin started an online petition expressing outrage over the Deel more than eighty five thousand people have signed it. Why needs that much response? I think people are finally realizing that this is a problem, and that survivors aren't taken seriously. So we see time and time again, everything from the national level the local level of. A lot of people mainly men getting away with things like this. This is at least the third time judge has approved probation for men accused of sexually assaulting Baylor students once after a guilty plea and at twenty thirteen rape case and another earlier this year that included a thirty day jail sentence served on weekends in a statement Monday. Prosecutor Hillary Laborde said Anderson's plea deal was the best outcome. Given the facts of the case, conflicting evidence and statements exist making the original allegation difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. She says all the facts must be considered. And there's information that hasn't been made public. The new Varghese is a former prosecutor in these type of cases unless you've had a body Cam on both these individuals from start to finish recording. Not only the video. But with the audio cases, we'll never be cut and dry in court. The judge. Says there is a lot of information the public just does not know about this case. So we reached out to the judge. But he did not return our calls or emails now in Texas, unlawful restraint is at third degree.

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