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Standard Data message resupply in this nationwide contest That's love to 202 100. There you go on. I have a phone. Crazy phone number you'll recognize hits your cellphone within the hour. Pick it up. It could be $1000. Dr Rigas. Sherri is with us. Ah, world class pulmonologist out of ST Jo's in orange and Doctor. Here's something it may not have been. Medical question Might even be more of a I don't know. Ah, bigger question for you. And you may not have the answer. And I totally understand if you didn't, but the United States has 4% of the world's population. Yet we have 25% of all the cove. It cases. Why do you have a theory on that? Well, I think it's because we have 25% of all the known covert cases because we've done the most testing in the world by a huge factor. I knew you'd put a positive spin on it. That's great. Yeah. Now, now, that's just that's just the case. That's great. I have some have some information for your audience felt on DH. It's about it's from a study about hydroxy Clara Quinn about not so much about Hydroxy Clark when here's situation There is a double plied placebo controlled study in the annals of internal medicine, which is a good journal, and we could learn some things from the study and the study's being quoted in and all the news media and stuff like that. Go thing I wanted to focus on about the study. What they did they trying to get people early in the course of of the disease. So this is the United States and Canada, and it was an Internet study. So the people did a survey and then they shipped from the drug or they shipped the mu placebo. But here's the interesting part. This and this was over 400 patients and then the placebo controlled group. 99.6% of the people survived. Now the reason I bring that up. I have been saying that on this show since Gosh, Martin. They won a long time. And yet you still don't see that. The mortality rate of this disease is less than 1% and probably less than 10.5%. So I think that's important because this was AH, 1999.6% survived 70%. Of the people in the study had zero symptoms after 14 days. Wow. Zero sense that's incredible. This was the group that did not receive any drug at all. This is just natural history of the disease. 3.6% wound up in the hospital. So really the natural course of this disease is much different than is being portrayed. Right? What would you acquainted to? What? What kind of disease? Would you equate those numbers too? Actually, it's very much a seasonal influenza. Very, very, very similar to it that the biggest difference between influenza in Kobe it is that influences much harder on Children. And covert seems to not be very hard on Children. So I thought that that was interesting. That's great. And sometimes I don't know if you want to get into it today, but the whole hydroxy cork when Um, debate is just so fascinating. And it'll probably take more time than you have today, though, right? Well, maybe we'll do it on Monday. How about that? OK, we could. Oh, yeah. Think gone with Monday s O that, But that's really great news and I have a feeling That they're you know, There are a lot of people that have died from Covina and you know that's horrible. Everyone has a family member, a friend, you know, and when they pass away, it's it's devastating, But I also think That there are going to be a lot more people survived because there's less car crashes. There's less illness. There's you know, there's so many other things other areas that were now protecting ourselves from that we might actually come out net positive. You know, there's a there's a statistic called all caused Death. For the United States, and it always lags behind like you won't get that You won't get those numbers for maybe a year. But that will be very interesting. And we do know this influential in South America. Is way down this year, way down, and that is probably because of all the precautions taken with coded so people are washing their hands. They're wearing masks. They're avoiding Social contacts, and they are wiping out influenza. So you're right. I mean, if if we take the right precautions, we can really affect the course of these viral diseases. Right And I have a feeling that even when Cove it's over, and it's history, and we don't even talk about it anymore. I have a feeling that people will still be wearing masks and gloves and being very cautious for decades. Yeah, I think I think there's a lot of truth. Especially if you're susceptible for some reason, you know, doctor found, she said that the handshake may never come back. I think that would be kind of sad. To be honest with you. There's something about a handshake. It's gone nonsense for all millennia that I think has some value. But you know, he may be right. The handshake maze. Is wrong with me. I'll tell you that I'm I still shake people's hands because you can tell a 1,000,000,000 things about him. By the way, a man or a woman shakes your hand. Absolutely. Yeah, Especially if they look in the eye. Why they're doing it. Yeah, And if they don't give you that that dead fish shake, you know, there's something about that where they just put their hand in yours. And they just hold it there all ma'am, you could tell a 1,000,000,000 things about a guy by just shaking his hand. And especially you doing business with a guy. It's very important to Ah, to make sure that that handshake says I trust you, You know, I mean, That we should do a whole show on handshake. So I think I think it would be a tremendous disservice and you'd see. A lot of people get screwed because when you shake a guy's hand, you can tell whether he's an honest guy, or whether he's a good guy. By the way, he shakes your hand. I'm 1% believe that Everybody. I really appreciate you coming on Dr on DH have a great weekend and we'll hit the hydroxy Clark when will hit that on Monday and knock that out of the park? I have a great weekend. You You deserve it. But take it. All right. There goes Dr Raker, Sherry, greatest doctor in the world. Everybody always feels better. When that man comes on as a great guy, man. He is really a one cool dude and will happen again Monday at 6 p.m. We're alive on come back to talk about the fires. I believe with Chris and Carlo? Yes, with Kristen Carlo in the Angeles Crest Forest thinking of calling it the damn fire. Live on Kay. If I am 6 40 more now, with Gina. Well Speaking of fires, Southern California has begun a heat wave that has weather experts warning of health.

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