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Have to start playing these young players a little bit more you have to and i. I say young players like most team is young. But you have to play the rookies more. And that's just like because you're not a contender this season and tell you build forward. You've gotta get these threesome reps whether you believe that. They're going to be helpful long term or not. You have to find out if that's gonna find out. I whether they're going to help you long term or not. So that's what. I wanna see them in the second half. I wanna see. I i would like to make a playoff push it by being. If they're they're committed to then. I mean hey go for it. a rica was pretty much the only one that show yesterday alicia gray played pretty well as well. I should Disrespect her but they. I'm just. I'm very confused at where they think they're going because they're not applied. They're not a contender. You're going to be back in a playoff team. And i don't know if that really if that's going to help you. I know you wanna get playoff reps. But i also want to young players get reps to yeah for sure. That's something that we definitely talked about for a bit now just in the second half of the season that there is a lot of teams. I just need to play players. Because the way that i think about like. How are these young players going to get experience if they're sitting on the bench you can't and especially like when you're weird position like this. I feel like you're much better off just kind of playing around with with your rotation's kind of seeing what works who who works Things like that on the flipside. How high or how low are we on the connecticut's on because they did lose to the seattle storm in the commissioner's cup game and then they take care of the weeks. I still think there..

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