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I'm sure this s surp- look for mayor familiar to you. Exit. Great. Mario you said it was a it was an excerpt from it looks like receipts that they broke down may be sent across a certain divisions at Showtime, but it said television distribution, sky's sports will be the exclusive pay per view distributor, dis- distributor in the UK. So long as the revenue split and the retail pricing proposed by sky are acceptable to the wilder side. Such acceptance will not be unreasonably withheld or delay. So that was his smoking gun Stephen Espinoza, but I'm gonna let s finish up because I like we're going with this. He's talking about elevating this with these sort of tactics, right? I just feel that espionage was trying to. Show us that Eddie is incredible. You know, if Eddie already had think about it that he had a six fight deal with Showtime three fights he decided to cross the street and see what he could do I fighter and that's perfectly. Okay. But it's obvious from Espinosa tweet that HBO was told the opposite of the truth, which was that AJ was a free agent and began to negotiate with Vladimir Klitschko Eddie is smart. I can't even front like I mean, I thought that there was something in the contract. Employees goes something in place with something like this like how could he be contracted to Showtime walk to HBO make a deal with Vladimir and now COPA mo-? Because that's what happened. He lied. Community crisco rights were to HBO. Right. And that's farm. But he lied to HBO. You know, got you gotta soon they got further in negotiations because they thought Joshua was a free agent then at the last minute lineup up. Now, we actually were Showtime. So you gotta deal with Showtime to finish out the deal. You got a hammer out the the the distribution rights are like, I don't know. I mean that right. Dear blew me away. Because that's something big, you know, contracts in place three fights over eighty took place. Why is he telling HBO these things? But you know, I'm sure that the sheep will just look over that. No. It's not about looking over it neces- about understanding what that means. You're look up for anybody who wants to be a smoking gun. It could be a smoking gun assure. It was a lie. But do we care? It hurts whether it was a lie because he told HBO one thing and it wasn't true. But it'd be a bit the Josh wasn't a contracted to the to the crisco right to like Showtime right in during that type yet. Yes. It was. Joshua had one more fight with crisco only Showtime, and that was the last one, right? Well, it was right app. That time he had told them that they were that they were free of the contract before that fight to me on any Hearn part. It sounds like good business. Exactly. Yes. Is. He he's being he had a contract. And he went and dream would would would arrival network in the middle. But this is what you hire men like that do three fights in already there were three fights into a six fight contract. This is what you hire. That's right. This is unethical. I don't know if the corners. Are you gotta deal employee at work and now where to do business with another one because you. Understand. But Eddie also says you lost age because Showtime run out of money. That's been didn't actually come back and say anything in relation to the comet. So if well nj. Yeah, he did though he said we did fights in two thousand eighteen but I agree though. I don't think that proved that they still had the money to complete the AJ that makes Espinosa Aligarh if showtimes budget they could not match or compete with the dissolved offer. How does that make Spinoza liar?.

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