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Four or five something like that. And it started in this little oh, man. Tina, it's off of Selma between and Hollywood Nelson show or something else. It's a block down from western where where the pep boys. Anyway that party. Was legendary was started by Jamie, Strauss. Who now heads innovative leisure one of LA's what a name they got a good name for that lady. Right. Really cool. And then Chris Haycock, of course, aloe. Black was the EMC. Yep. It was just one of those parties. With your show of instead Jiang unannounced. Anyway. So so they took it on the road. Adidas come came in shortly after they started. It's like a world wide parties saying I see pictures, and I was like a hundred thousand incredible okay? I have a story to tell. Okay. So red Matic was one of the DJ's who is Filipino. We went to the Philippines. I didn't know it was his first time in Philippine people. Are we in the shopping mall god-like? Right. So you do over style. Like, everyone does I think it was a rotating twenty thirty minutes so red Matic there's like four Dan circles going on it gets out of control amazing. And then I didn't realize it's my turn next us really unprepared. And I just cleared the floor. Are you kidding? Because I went to Catholic school blow into blessed sacrament Catholic school in Hollywood. And most of my friends were Filipinos Jose. Oh my God. It was it was really bad. Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes in Chris Haycock was like you gotta gotta sort this out. And then I just looked at him. Like, I'm already here. It's already hate me. Like, I'm not gonna try anyway, did you win them? No, no, no, no, not at all what the next night in Hong Kong we played and I kind of play the exact set, and it was amazing is. Cody. Bad timing. Something DJ has one of those nights. I just had to stand my ground. Like, no. I know what I'm doing. Actually, it was amazing. And this dude actually came up. He's like I've been living in Hong Kong for three years. I've been playing footwork was I was paying a lot for work, then I'm in the club. So I wanna have fun. And he's like I've been playing for work in Hong Kong for two and a half years. I've never seen a people then respond to it the same way. Anyway, shelter. Yeah. LA massive black to him on the Super Bowl. LAX? Followed wack just sort of lasted stardom after what was it that? I need a dollar was that. Victim. All right. We'll be back with more and more mixes in just a little bit. Today on press play twenty five years ago. Lorena Bobbitt became a household name for cutting off her husband's penis and throwing it out her car window, the story made her a punchline to me, I just couldn't understand or comprehend the whole thing and changed my life. But behind the jokes a story of domestic violence, I'm Madeline brand Lorena Gallo, formerly Lorena Bobbitt. Her story today at one on press play on KCRW. We're going to keep the music going a little bit. And then we'll come back to the interview..

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