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In conversation with Aaron Sorkin Mega sentimentality and I think that's what makes it so much excite you know. So exciting is that find that balance but? I don't know what are what are you supposed to hang onto feeling wise from David fincher movie besides like dread and cynicism, and we've got to talk to the big pictures number one feelings, merchants Sean fantasy yeah. I mean, this is why this is. This is my guy is I think he's as interest. He's more interested in psychology than feelings and psychology can be a very powerful tool in your filmmaker and he's able to pack and explore consciousness without necessarily dealing with the. Explosive external experience of emotion and obviously repressed gentleman that I am I can understand that in a very acute way. But I think also I mean I think the point that you're making crisis is. On the one hand a bit absurd in the context of this conversation because for me when you talk about directors like he's at or near the top of the list of over the last thirty years and is very important and we have kind of valorize that Quartet on the show in part because I think those four white men represent kind of like ven diagram of our interests as a trio and even Amanda I. Like we can kinda talk about Soderbergh on every episode and have fun and talk about Tarantino in every episode and have fun and so you know there are other filmmakers. You know we love Credit Gerwig on this show but she's only made a few movies. You can't talk about the her work and fincher has a pretty long lifespan for an active filmmaker. You know he has ten feature films as these two TV shows. I wonder if he has more in common with in emotions merchant. Steven Spielberg though then he does some of those other directors in his kind of contemporary cohort that you're talking about because of that mainstream accessible approach to storytelling..

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